Chapter ThreeMature

“Hey Kate, I saw you walking down your street with like the hottest guy I’ve ever seen! Who is he?” This comes from a girl I hardly know. Her names Kath. She’s one of those pretty girls but not popular pretty, if you know what I mean? She has long brown hair that comes down to her waist, but she’s not very tall compared to me, in fact she is pretty short. She doesn’t seem to have many friends, although she’s nice enough.

“That really hot guy happens to be my boyfriend, Jake,” I say proudly, but trying not to show off. Jake had to be my boyfriend right? We had sex!

“He seems cool. Want to meet up with me tonight? I’ll be in the town centre at five; you better come and bring your lad.” She didn’t give me a chance to answer. She just walked away with her hair swinging from side to side. I felt confused as to why she wanted to meet up with me, but I text Jake anyway to see if he will meet me in town instead of at my house. But I got no reply.

 I don’t mind Kath, she’s a little bit in your face sometimes, and she seems to think a lot of herself. But that doesn’t bother me too much; she’s nowhere near as bad as Faye. Maybe me and Kath could be friends? Or maybe not... Not many people like me at school.


 After school, Jake call’s me. He wants to have a talk, but I tell him that we need to get to town to meet someone from school. He says he would and hangs up. It’s really weird the way he’s acting. Maybe he feels weird because we have had sex now, but he shouldn’t feel weird about it, we have been best friends for ages! To me it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s something I’ve been wanting for so long, but didn’t think I could ever have. Now my dreams come true and he’s acting odd about it. Maybe I’ll be able to talk to him later about it all.

 Once I got into town I saw Kath, she was sat alone, which I found strange as I had assumed that her boyfriend would be coming also. Maybe he just wasn’t there yet. Kath’s boyfriend James is someone I don’t know well at all, I don’t have any classes with him, I just know he’s cute looking. “Where is your boyfriend?” I ask.

“Oh, we broke up, I really don’t want to talk about it,” She looked pretty upset about it, so I just left that convocation and sat next to her on the bench.

“Jake should be here soon,” I say, trying to be convincing. At least I hope he will be here soon. A few minutes pass and there is no sign of him. Kath and I had been sat on the bench in silence. I really wish I didn’t bring up her ex boyfriend, I think I have upset her. I’m just about to say sorry when I hear that familiar voice.

“Kate! Sorry I’m late,” He says in a fake kind of way, and doesn’t give a reason why he’s late. Oh dear, am I turning into the girlfriend from hell or what? Does it matter why he’s late? No! He’s here now and that’s what matters.

I indicate Kath, “This is Kath from school,” I indicate Jake, “and Kath, this is Jake.”

“Oh now! You’re a cutie! How old are you?” Kath seems to be flirting... with my boyfriend!

“I’m nearly 17, and thanks, your not to bad yourself,” He was flirting back! What was going on?!

“Oh Kate, you have a nice boyfriend! How did you two meet?” She seems to be only talking to Jake, as she is only looking at him.

“I’m not her boyfriend, we’re just mates,” He replies, looking straight into her eyes, as if I’m not even there. Maybe I’m just being silly, but there really seems to be a connection with these two. And what does he mean he’s not my boyfriend?!

“Kate said in school that you are her boyfriend.” I still seem to not be there to them both. My head starts to pound, I can feel my face got red, not that anyone would notice.

“Well she wasn’t telling the truth,” He means I was lying, which makes me go even redder, “That’s just what Kate wants, but she knows she can’t have me.” Oh my god! What did he have to say that for?! Is this my friend? Or someone that looks like my friend but doesn’t act like them. “Sorry, but I have to go now, people to see, things to do and all that. Can I get your number Kath? I’ll give you a text sometime.” Jake was full power coming onto Kath right in front of me, even though we had sex just the other night! I’m pretty sure I’m dreaming, so I pinch myself to make sure, but no, I’m awake. This must be some kind of other world; Jake wouldn’t really do this to me. Would he?

 Once they had swapped numbers Jake walked away, without even saying bye to me, it really was like I wasn’t there. Jake doesn’t usually do things like this, I’ve never known him to ask for girls numbers, or just disappear without saying goodbye to me. I try to push all the confusion from my mind as Kath says she wants to go window shopping. We go into the nearest store to us, which is a drug store. We walk up and down the aisles looking at make-up, at one point I’m sure I see Kath putting eye liner into her pocket, but then think that maybe I’m imagining things. My phone goes off, it’s a message. I stand in the middle of the shop to read it. It’s from Jake.


K8 we r good friends but

I dnt want u telling people

we are d8ing, we just have

fun. Ok?

Dnt text bck.


I stare at the screen, not believing what I am seeing. My Jake wouldn’t say something like that, what is happening? I hear a phone beep, it’s Kath’s.

“My phone now, we are just so popular! I’m just going to go outside to read this,” I wasn’t really sure why Kath had to go outside to read a text, but I followed anyway. I looked over Kath’s shoulder while she was getting her phone out of her bag, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t Jake, but when I looked into her bag I saw loads of make-up, which is normal for a girl, except the make-up all looked new, I saw some bracelets and bangles and necklaces, loads of different jewellery. These things could of been her stuff that she just carries around with her all the time, but I found that hard to believe as some of the things still had tags on them. “Who’s the text from?” I ask. Still worried that it might be from Jake.

“Oh, it’s my Mum, I have to go home now. I’ll see you tomorrow.” With that she walked away, leaving me in town on my own, which doesn’t usually happen as Jake is usually with me. The walk from town to my house is a bit of a long walk, and not exactly fun on my own, but what else could I do? So I start to walk home, and think about Jake, and how the other night with him was so amazing. Why is he being so odd with me? If he doesn’t want to date me then that is okay, I’m fine with being friends with him, I’ve been fine with it before. Although we hadn’t had sex before. I’m not stupid, I know that people have sex without dating them, but that isn’t what it’s like with me and Jake, we have been best friends forever, why wouldn’t we date after having sex? I was so in my own world that I didn’t see her coming towards me.

“Oi! Dork face! Tell your mate Jake to stop leaving messages on my website, or I’ll stab you bitch!” It was Faye. She pulls out a knife, just a little one, but looks really Sharpe. She pushes me up against a wall by the side of the road and holds the blade to my throat. “Maybe I should just do it anyway?” I start to shake. Is she going to do it? Really? I nearly pee myself when she suddenly moves and swivels around to face her friends. “She’s not worth the trouble.” Faye walks away with her group of friends and they are all laughing, laughing at me! I grab my throat, trying so hard to gulp down air. Tears begin to roll down my face. Jake is usually here to protect me from this sort of thing. I start to run home, not wanting anyone to see me in this state. By the time I got to the front of my house I was coughing, coughing up blood, loads of it. I stumble into my house and up to my bedroom and collapse on my bed. I decide to make a rollie to smoke; it’s all I can do to get my mind off of what’s just happened. But my eyes drift to the photo on top of my desk; it was me and Jake, when we had gone on holiday together. We were on the beech smiling our heads off. Fresh tears begin to drip down my cheeks. This isn’t happening. This is all a dream. I tell myself this over and over in my head, whilst hugging the picture and crying.

The End

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