"Oi tramp! I think you need to clean your house mate; it looks like some kids have thrown shit at it. Oh my! Sorry! I think they did, Hmm... I wonder who that was!" It was one of Faye’s little goons. I couldn't even be bothered to answer her, I just carried on walking. No point in ever listening to the girls at school, I learnt a long time ago that ignoring them is the best way to get through the day.

 Now Faye, Faye is one of those girls that everyone seems to be afraid of, although there is really nothing scary about her. If anyone ever says anything bad about Faye, she somehow finds out and makes that person’s life hell. I don't really understand her, she is actually really pretty, if she wasn't such a bitch I think she would really shine out. She has long strawberry blond long hair, it's beautiful. Faye says it's her natural hair colour, but who’s going to believe that? Not me, that’s for sure. Faye has green eyes, nothing like Jakes cute green eyes, her eyes are more dark and scary looking. She always calls me a tramp and all kinds of other horrible names, so it's not surprising it's caught on by her little followers. I'm not actually sure how many followers she has, they all seem to blur into just her to me. None of them are really horrible, well maybe they are, but they only do things because it's what she wants them to do. It's pathetic! I really wish that people would just do what they want, speak their own mind. Then maybe school wouldn't be as bad, or at least I might not get so much trouble from everyone.

 Today is a day that I have Games/P.E, the subject I really hate, but I go anyway. I get changed into my jogging bottoms and t-shirt and walked out to the field where everyone else is, including my horrible teacher, Miss Collins. "Kate, you’re actually going to join in today? Well that's a first." Miss Collins really doesn't like me, probably because I'm not a natural at sport like Faye. Ugh! It makes me sick how she spends all her time yelling at me for getting things wrong and complimenting Faye on every single thing she does. What a pain in the ass! She probably fancies Faye, everyone bloody does, a lot of the male teacher do, which I think is gross! And as Miss Collins in gay, I'm sure she fancies her too. Anyway, once the lesson got started, it turned out we had to run around the field five bloody times! Now that would probably take me around two days, but luckily Miss made us come back to her while I was still on my second lap, as everyone else had already finished their fifth. It's hard to believe that I run that slow, as I run from bullies most days, but I guess smoking doesn't help. Miss kept me back to put the posts and stuff away as I was the last one to do the laps, or at least that was her excuse, I think it's just because she's a bitch. I couldn't wait to get out of the lesson as it was the last, so she decides to keep me back and waste my time. I think you might have got the message that I really don’t like her.

 I got back to the changing rooms and picked up my clothes from under the sink where I had left them. Once I put them on I realised.. OH MY GOD!! Someone, IE Faye has cut up my top and trousers! They were still wearable but where in tatters, as if I really was a tramp. I really should of just changed back into my joggers, but obviously I'm just not that smart and just sneaked out of the changing rooms and started to walk home, hoping that no one would actually see me. To late though, I had to walk straight into a crowd of girls, which was actually Faye and her friends. I would of turned around and walked the other way, but they had already seen me so there really wasn't any point. "Wow Kate, you really are a tramp. Can you not afford new clothes?" Faye once more.

"For once will you just get the fuck out of my face!!" I realised just a little too late what I had said and who I had said it too. Faye had me by my hair and threw to me the ground, which didn't actually hurt that much. I hoped that that would be the end of that, but she grabbed me by the shirt and pushed her face right into mine. "Don’t you ever speak to me like that against biatch!" Biatch was her funny way of saying bitch, don't ask why because I have no idea, it's just her thing. She punched me in the face, so hard I fell to the ground again. She walked off with her friends giggling, leaving me there to bleed. I WAS BLEEDING! My nose had started to bleed. Great! Now I'd look so much better walking home. But I didn't move, I just lay there wishing I knew how to stop all this. Loads of kids from school walked past me without even a second glance at me. Even some parents with young children just walked past. They probably thought I was in a fight or something, which technically isn't true as I did no fighting.

   At some point I managed to get up and go home. I went straight up to my bedroom, hoping that my Dad would not see me, luckily he was in the kitchen, so he just heard me come in but didn't look or say anything. Pretty normal stuff for him really. Once I opened my bedroom door I found Jake sat on my bed. "What in the hell happened to you??" Jake always worries about me.

"My stupid gob, that’s what happened to me." My eye had swollen up like a golf ball, so I found it hard to see. God I must of looked attractive!

"What happened to your clothes? Who was it?"

"Who do you think it was?" Anger getting the better of me, "Faye of course! She must of cut up my clothes while I was in games, then on the way home she was proper in my face, and obviously being the stupid get that I am, I told her to get out of it... So she punched me." I looked at myself in the mirror, bloody hell I did look bad. I really shouldn't have bothered replying to her, but I was in such a bad mood anyway because of games, I just couldn't help myself. Life just seems to be a bit of a bitch sometimes. Jake had started to roll up a joint, which was exactly what I needed. He always knew how to make everything better. But I could smell something funny which distracted me; I went over to my window and sat just outside it on the roof was a big lump of dog shit in a bag!! Will this day ever get any better? I grabbed a broom from the corner of my room and knocked the poo off my roof. Just in time for my Dad to step outside the house and have it nearly land on him. He looked at it, and then looked up at me. He obviously was in a good mood because he didn't yell, thank god, I couldn't deal with it today, but he gave me the most horrifying look. "Don't worry Dad; I'll get rid of it." I was kind of scared to speak, and I was trying to hide my ripped uniform from him. I grabbed Jakes hand and pulled him out the door with me, made him pick up the bag, no way was I going to! We walked a little down the road and into a field, where we dumped the bag into a bush. There was no dog bins about, and we couldn't be bothered to try and find one. I told Jake that this had been the shittiest day of my life, which was kind of amusing as he was holding shit. But anyway he suggested that we got drunk as he had brought round booze.

 As soon as we got back into my room Jake pulled out a bottle of Apple Sourz, which tastes amazing! We did shots of them, one after another. I lost count of how many we did. We also did shots of vodka, which to us, didn't taste that nice, but we really wanted to get smashed, so we did loads of them as well. It was great! I was really dizzy by the end of it all. We had finished all the drink. I suddenly had a surge of energy and jumped up to turn up the music, but being as clumsy and as drunk as I am, I tripped and fell flat on my face. Jake laughed, not in a mean way, in his nice but drunken way. He asked me if I was Okay, but I couldn't reply as I was laughing so much! I rolled over onto my back, I was looking up at him, and he was standing over me. He looked so sexy, hair hanging down over his face. God he was gorgeous! He tried to pull me up off the floor, but whoops! He fell on top of me instead. I'm not sure if I purposely did this, or if it was just because we were both drunk and couldn't keep balance but either way, he was on top of me and we were giggling away. He didn't even try to move off of me. The warmth of his body against mine made me shiver with want. I wanted him. I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anything. But he got up off me after a few moments of pure pleasure of being so close to him and layed down on my bed. I realised that I was still wearing my ripped uniform, haha! I had gone out in it earlier and didn't even realise it! I picked up some clothes off the floor ready to go and change in the bathroom when Jake grabbed hold of my hand. He pulled me onto the bed with him, which gave me a shock, but was also what I was hoping for. He looked into my eyes, as if he was looking into my soul. I knew it was time for us to take things further. I wanted it, but I was so scared. Butterflies flapped around in my stomach as I looked deep into his beautiful eyes. I realised he was still holding my hand, which was now covered in sweat as I was sort of panicking. But he came close to me and whispered in my ear.. "I love you." Before I could even think or realise what he had said, he pulled me to him and kissed me, not just a peck, but a full on kiss, one that makes your knee's wobbly, your tummy turn, your heart beat faster and faster. I was going red, I could feel the heat in my face and he kissed me over and over. I love you.. it went round and round in my head. He loved me. My dreams were all coming true at once. Jake, my best friend loves me!

 Afterwards while we were laying in my bed, still sweating and breathing heavily, silence had taken us over. After 10 minutes of this silence I decided I should say something, and this is what came out of my mouth, "I think I'm in love with you." Jake looked at me as if I was mad, as if nothing had just happened, he jumped up, quickly put on his clothes and walked out the door. He left me there naked in my bed, without saying a word. Does he love me? Was it a lie? What’s happening? I eventually fell to sleep.

The End

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