Kates Emotional RideMature

Teenage girl going through teenage troubles.

I ran as fast as I could, my hair was flicking into my eyes, blurring my vision. My heart was pounding like a drum, I found it so hard to breathe! Once I got to my street I slowed down, I felt a little safer here. I tried to catch my breath, but instead I started coughing and spluttering, very attractive look for me. Running really isn't my thing, in fact, sport is the one subject at school that I really hated! I started walking slowly towards my house, I looked around to make sure that no one was still following me, they weren't. So I lit a cigarette, and took one really hard drag on it. Suddenly a loud noise was coming towards me. Oh no! They were still following me! "There she is!" was all I heard before I started running again, luckily my house wasn't far from where I was so I sprinted to it, cigarette still lit in my hand. I got inside the house, kicked off my shoes and ran up the stairs to my room where I would feel the safest. I collapsed onto my bed still smoking and coughing a little. I closed my eyes and wondered why it was me that had to put up with this all the time? I had done nothing wrong to these people. I think they just like to torment people for fun. It was awful!

"Kate! Some people are here to see you." My Dad. He had no idea what was happening in my life, not the foggiest that these people were not my friends and were here to make my life hell. I looked out my bedroom window, yes, it was Faye and her goons. Not knowing quite what to do I just yelled back to my Dad, "Tell them to go away! I'm busy!" It wasn't a good solution, but hopefully they would listen to my Dad and just leave me alone, at least for now. I carried on looking out of my window, they were walking away. Thank god! There was at least five of them. Faye turned to look at the house and saw me in the window, she said something and they all turned to look. Suddenly the house was being pelted with eggs! The little bitches were throwing eggs at my house!! I was terrified of what my Dad would do if he realised what was happening. Oh dear, too late! He was outside already with a bit of random wood in his hands, ready to whack them! How damn embarrassing! I knew I was going to get some shit about my Dad the next day at school, but for now, I was safe. The goons had all ran off now, after my Dad had started running towards them with the wood and yelling his head off. I fell backwards onto my bed in relief. Much more of this and I'd end up dead somewhere. I heard my Dad thump up the stairs, this was the worse bit, I always got abuse from the kids at school, but then when my Dad finds out about it, he seems to think it's my fault and yell at me some more! This time though, he just crashed into my room, looked at me, shook his head and left, sometimes I think that is worse that the yelling, he's probably thinking up some way of punishing me for getting the house covered in eggs. I'd probably have to clean the house. My Dad knows I'm scared of heights, so getting on a ladder to clean the house would probably be the best punishment. God, I really do hate my life. I layed back on my bed and thought about how I wish my life was better. The one thing that made me feel better was smoking weed, so I grabbed my little bag of weed and all my rolling stuff and made a joint. My Dad didn't realise I smoked weed, but he didn't really care as long as I only did these things in my room. For all he knew I was probably shooting up heroine in my room. So I lit the joint and took that first amazing drag from it, it made me feel so much better! Nothing could be as good as this. My life seemed to me to be a living hell, the only things that I believed in was Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. To be fair though I didn't know about sex, I'm still a virgin! I felt like the only person left that I knew that was still a virgin, but never mind. There is this one guy that I would have loved to lose it to, Jake, my best friend, indeed my only real friend. Jake is gorgeous, and so cool. He has longish light brown floppy hair, which he just leaves to flop about his face, which I find cute. I love his hair, it's very different from mine, I have long black hair, not the silky kind but that matted kind, I hated it. Jake is older than me, he's 17 and I'm only 14, but we got on really well. Jake has the most amazing eyes, a bright green colour and seems to glow in the dark, mine are like big mud puddles, a funny brown colour. I really should stop comparing myself to Jake because it just makes me feel worse, but you really wouldn't believe how amazing he looks and how awful I look. It's the weirdest thing that we are friends. Usually he comes to my house and we just do stuff in my room like smoke weed and do random things on my computer and listen to music. It's not exactly the most fun we could have, but it's nice to just chill with him. I'm actually surprised he's not already at my house. Oh wait, here he comes, I can always hear him walk up the stairs, he thumps like my Dad but it a more cool way. I'm actually surprised my stairs haven't fallen through after them two thumping up the damn stairs! "Hey Jake!" I was pretty damn happy to see him after the afternoon I'd had.

 "You alright Kate? What happened to your house?"

 "Oh that was Faye and her loser friends. Don't worry though, I'm fine."

 "Shall I leave her an evil message on her website?" I know this sounds really sad, but it's just what we do to make us feel better, and it is always pretty funny too.

 "Okay, park your ass here," I patted the space next to me on the bed, "And I'll make us a spliff." (If you didn't know, a spliff is the same as a joint. If you don't know that, then maybe you are reading the wrong book?)


Faye’s web page:


Oi, stupid cunt face, I think it's about time you left everyone alone! Why don't you do us all a favour and just end your life? Mmm? Sound good?
I think so! No one really likes you hunny, not even your stupid followers like you. Sort your stupid little life out and stop being a little bitch!



Maybe it was a bit much, or maybe it wasn't enough, but she really deserves it. She spends all her time tormenting people, she really needs to learn a lesson, not that this message would really make a difference. Never mind. At least it made me feel slightly better. Maybe I am selfish, but I don't care.
We put on some music and smoked the spliff in silence. It was nice to relax. I loved being around Jake, he always knew how to make things better for me. He is such a doll! I will always have feelings for him that are more than friend kind of feelings, but I will always know that he doesn't feel the same and nothing will become of these feelings, so being friends is the best for us. Jake dates girls his own age, always really pretty glamorous girls with long blond hair and big tits, he's not shallow, well actually maybe he is. The girls are usually horrible to me, hate me because I'm closer to Jake than they will ever be. I don't mind too much that they don't ever like me, because I know they won’t be sticking around for long. Jake is a bit of a player to say the least. I guess that’s why he and I have never done anything, like in a sexual way, because he doesn't want to ruin the friendship and he knows that he would just move on after a week or so. Ugh! Men!


   Me and my Dad Live in a small town, it’s alright, but not really a nice place to live, as the people here are mostly ass holes. We live in one of those little houses, semi detached as we live on the end of a row of houses. My Dad is tall and skinny; some could say he's lanky. He's a bit of an odd man, he never can really make up his mind about how he feels, his emotions and moods change so often, I don't know when I'm going to get a bollocking or a cuddle! Well maybe not a cuddle, he's not really like that. Pretty distant from me, we don’t even really talk to each other, just live in the same house. My Mother died when I was 6 years old, she was beautiful, and the best Mum ever! She could always keep Dad in line and back then he always had a smile on his face. Mum died from breast cancer, it was horrible, watching her slowly deteriorate, one moment she was my happy lively Mother, the next she was being rushed into hospital, given emergency chemo therapy. It took months for the doctors to realise the chemo was doing nothing for her, and she slowly died in the hospital. I cried so much back then, I don't remember going to school for a long time, and my Dad changed, he was harder, meaner and sadder. Since then Dad has never been the same happy person he once was when Mum was here. Not many people realise I don't have a Mum, only Jake knows what happened. He's lovely about it. The anniversary of her death, I always do a lot of drugs and cry a hell of a lot, I wish she was here now. Jake is always there to help me get through the day. Cuddling me tightly, letting me just cry into his neck for the whole day. I always wonder, if my Mum didn't die, what my life would be like. I sit and imagine what it would be like while I'm in bed most nights. I would be happier, my parents would still spend their time dancing around the kitchen together, which at the time even though I was only little was embarrassing, but always made me giggle to myself. They were so in love. I would have loads of friends, because I wouldn't of missed any school and so I would of made loads of them at the beginning. Most importantly I would be happy, and I'd be with Jake. This is only what I hoped. Maybe if she didn't die my life would of still turned out the same, but I can always hope... Can’t I?

The End

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