Kate Porcelain


The way that Lukas and I met was in no way conventional. Perhaps this isn't the best way to begin the story of the two of us, but I have always been blunt and I simply want to get that tiny tidbit of ourselves out in the clear. 

I could tell you that the first time we met was on the streets after my mom had dropped me off for my first day at work at a small bookstore in downtown Toronto. I hadn't been paying attention when I'd bumped into him. It was like bumping off of a rock; stable and secure. I'd looked up at him and his metallic gray eyes had told me silently to watch where I was going. He was swift, navigating his way around me quickly, and before I could apologize he'd disappeared behind a large group of tourists. 

But, this is not what I wanted to tell you. We didn't meet that day, we simply bumped into each other like any two strangers would. Perhaps I should fast forward to the night that I learned his name. My mom couldn't meet me for her own personal reasons and my preoccupation was arriving home safely, since this part of the city wasn't the safest. It was warm out and my sweater that I had worn in the morning due to the chill hung lightly on my forearm. My eyes were staring straight ahead so I never saw the blow coming. The force of a fist to my back caused me to topple over onto my knees and I coughed for the air that was knocked out of me. 

"Grab her purse!" A hoarse voice ordered from behind me and I felt someone tugging at my large purse that lay on the ground, but was still firmly in my hand. "Hurry, we ain't got all night!"

"I'm trying, but she won't let go!" A second voice cried out from beside me. I opened my eyes and stared up into a frenzied set of brown eyes. The man fought to pull the purse from my hand, but I had no plans on letting it go. "Let go or we'll hurt you bad!"

Heavy footfalls echoed behind me before someone grabbed me roughly around my aching waist. I immediately started struggling without letting go of my purse. I tried crying out, but a dirtied, large hand covered my mouth and my attempts fell on deaf ears. Help! I cried internally and like an avenging angel sent by God to answer my silent plea, a click sounded behind me and my attacker stopped in his tracks. In front of me the semi-tall man that had attempted to take my purse stood wide-eyed at something behind me. 

"Let her go," a low, warning voice whispered. "Or I will shoot you without mercy."

Instantly the strangle hold around my waist loosened and I quickly turned to see the same stranger that I had bumped into earlier. His hand was stern as it held the head of a pistol against my assailant's temple. Behind me I heard the second man stir and I barely had time to turn and see what he was doing before he began running. I watched in slow motion as my savior moved the pistol swiftly from the first man's temple and towards his running target. The silencer buried all evidence of his actions as I watched the second man fall, unmoving onto the road. 

I know what you may be thinking. How did this happen? Why did he save me? Well, trust me, I am still wondering this myself. Just like I always wonder why he confided his name with me. Lukas Archbernot, trained assassin and top agent for the company that he works for. His nineteen year old body held more secrets than any other man that I would ever meet.

My name's Kate Porcelain, eighteen, and the girlfriend of a hit-man. 

The End

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