chapter 2

Having headed home for the night Alic relived the moments after the chase when Kate had clung to him like a cat trying to avoid falling in water. Wondering why he continued to make his way home oblivious to the pair of eyes watching him from the dark places in the street.

Three days after his encounter with Kate he replayed the last words ... scratch that, nearly the only words she had said to him "i will find you soon enough". Walking around the town aimlessley wandering Alic's eyes drifted over the streets latching on to each face and identifying it, man, woman - could be her, is it? no continue on.
This had been happening ever since she left. After work Alic headed home and slumped down on the couch just as there was a knock at the door. Sighing he got out of the couch as quickly as he could be bothered to. Walking over to the door not ten seconds after the first knock there was a second knock but fainter this time.
Calling out to the stranger at the door he assured them he was coming. Opening the door he gasped and nearly dropped the body that fell inwards. Dropping down the body and promptly closing the door he looked back to the body and realised it was kate.

After a few seconds Kate regained conciousness and proceded to breath hard for a minute or two. After what seemed like an eternity Kate spoke "get away from the door. Get a sleeping bag if you have one and some food then meet me at the back door in five minutes. Oh and dont forget to lock up and turn the power off."
Not knowing whether she was serious or not he suddenly burst into laughter. Slapping him Kate said "come on we only have four minutes left hurry up im serious!".
Suddenly bursting into action Alic ran about the house flicking things off and collecting things he thought he would need for a long camping trip.

Meeting Kate at the back door Alic finnaly had the thought to ask what the hell was going on. Not answering Kate grabbed Alic's hand and dragged him out the back gate and Down the back alley. Stopping 50 matres away from the house Kate explained in one word " Look". following Kates finger back towards his house he watched at first in impatience, but that soon turned to horror.
Right before his eyes his house was engulfed in flames and swallowed by the earth. Dissapearing into the very ground all in one peice.

The End

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