alic is living his life like any single guy just out of school ... looking for a job and a girlfriend on the side. until that is he meets kate on the street ... then his world turns upside down

walking down the street on an early saturday morning alic seemed detached from his body, not knowing whether he was actually walking or just on a conveyer belt. His mind a blur mixed up and spread along the paement before him, eliminating everything around him and leaving him to his dilema. Not seeing the person in front of him he walked straight into her. Looking up from the ground into the girls eyes he noticed something familiar. Not wanting to stay around and get abused by the girl he apologised profusely to the girl and went to continue on his way around the corner and out of sight. Not about to allow this to happen the girl stopped him in his tracks. Expecting and angry remark alic was surprised when she held a hand out and introduced herself as kate.

taking her hand in his alic introduced himself and asked if she was a local, not having seen her around before. Explaining that she didnt get out much Kate asked Alic if he was doing anything at the moment. Replying in the negative Kate asked if he would mind accompanying her down town for a while.
Not knowing where this could end up or even how to get out of the situation Alic obliged and began to walk. After a minute of silent walking Alic decided to break the silence. "so why am i walking with you?. not to sound offensive or like i dont want to be here but i mean im a stranger.
A person you pulled off the street why not someone you knew?" Obviously thinking the question over and taking her time working out an answer Alic saw it again. the look of her. her body, the way she held herself. it all seemed familiar... somehow.

After another minute or so of silently wandering the streets Kate broke the silence again. " i cant tell you why i chose you, but i can tell you this. I i know you even if you dont know me."
Not knowing what to say about this Alic looked down at his feet once again laying down his thoughts into the pavement. But this time he kept his eyes open for his surroundings.

Walking around for a while they were bound to go into at least one undesirable location. And they did, Alic turned a corner and still puttin down thoughts on the ground he didnt remember this was a street he avoided at all costs.
In the corner of his vision he saw feet, walking along with him and felt Kates hand grab his and hold on tightly.

Looking up Alic noticed he was surrounded by a group of skate park kids and all other undesirable people you could imagine. Not knowing how to deal with this Alic looked around finding one person standing slightly further forward from the rest.
Nodding to the man and asking if he was the leader Alic slowly edged towards the nearest building he hoped to prolong the conversation untill the two in the middle could make a break for it.
Sticking his hands in his pockets Alic looked around for something to distract them while asking " so what do you want? i mean you wouldnt all be here for a nice 'sophisticated' conversation would you?" As he said this his hand clutched on something ideal. a few small coins loose in his pocket. God was he thankful he lost his wallet this morning.
dragging Kate slowly towards the alley Alic pulled out the handfull of coins slowly and once far enough, threw them at as many of the people a possible.
As he did this he turned and ran through the stupidly he thought unguarded alleyway with Kate fast on his heels. Climbing a set of metal stairs Alic Looked to a high wooden fence with bushes growing over it and through it.
Sprinting up the stairs Alic Pulled Kate in front of him and pushed her onto the railing and told her to jump into the bushes and stay put.
Leaving her there Alic ran up the second flight of stairs and threw the last coin he missed at the lead thug, hitting him in the head. Hearing behind him the man scream in rage as he felt the coin hit he barked orders to the others to follow the boy and leave the girl.
Running up the third flight of stairs now Alic began to doubt his decision. three stories up he wasnt going to be able to go anywhere.
Once he hit the top of the stairs and the thugs had just made it to the bottom of the first flight Alic opened the door at the top and quickly scurried onto the roof and got down low.
Hoping to trick the thugs into running into the building. after a minute of waiting, heart pounding out of his chest Alic finally heard the last set of footsteps go in the door.
Getting down from the roof as quietly as he could Alic scrambled down the stairs without making a noise but still quick enought to get away if they came back.
Before he jumped over the railing he peeked over and saw Kate still hiding in the bush jumping over the railing he pushed further than he would have otherwise and landed farther out on the bare lawn spraining his leg but missing kate.
as he got up he felt the pain but all was forgotten when Kate ran over to him leaves still in her hair and swept him in her arms kissing him on the lips. Alic was so shocked he didnt realise what had happened until Kate pulled away from him.

The End

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