Kara's story

Kara is a young princess who falls in love with her foe a prince from another country but to get to that part I have to start at the begining so hold on an it will get more interesting.

     I hear thunder It's my sixth birthday my father the king of fava planned a party for me but I do not think I'll get to attend.  I'm tied down in a shack on Nago Island.  My Mother the Queen has went insane she keep's talking about how I'll be the strongest of all her people but she favain isn't she.  She turn's towards me she has a knife it glows green my brother whines "why can't I be the strongest of death clan. I am the one loyal to them."  To which my mother replied curtly " your a boy they have plenty of them but they don't have many girls that can resist harsh conditions and fight." I now understand my mother comes from a different place and she plans to hurt me.  I hear footsteps outside before i feel the burning hot steel of the blade making three round circle's around my knee while every thing starts to go black I hear the being busted open and my fathers men at arm's yelling the princess is bleeding... radiation...arrest the queen and the prince.   Everything's black and hot than cold. 

      I wake up in a bed with a girl my own age looking over me and saying "your awake thank goodness, no don't get up I will not allow it" I mumbled who are you.  She replied " Princess Airisa of Clorm."   "Your father sent for the royal's of the three other country's to help you. I'm the one who is supposed to help you recover, Prince Wilham is going to be your tutor and Prince Bassett was supposed to be your teacher in battle moves so you could defend yourself but he never showed up."   Why would I need that piece of scum to help me the stupid people think there better than everyone else.  If ever i met him I kill him where he stands.  I hate Jemount.






                                  TO BE CONTINUED


The End

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