Chapter 1

Just a short story about a girl named Kara who is betrayed by her friend, Lily, who is part of the group called the Ribboners. The Ribboners kidnapped Kara's mother when she was little. This is the first chapter. Also, I set this to a collaborative work so I guess people can help me write or something.

“Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday to you!" Kara Splotcher's new best friend, Lilly DeMorra sang in her high, off tune voice. The room rang with sounds of Kara's tinkling laughter.  

"Oh, Lilly," she said, grinning at her friend mischievously. Lilly had recently moved into the neighborhood Kara and her dad lived in, and immediately they'd become quick friends.

Whoosh! Kara blew out the candles as the song abruptly ended.  

Lilly happily handed her a brightly wrapped, rectangular shaped present with a gold, sparkly bow tied on top.  

Excitedly, Kara ripped open the package, and gasped in amazement at its contents.

There, on the pretty wrapping paper, sat an exquisitely made box.  It was a deep mahogany color, with a beautiful lightly colored wooden lid placed on top of it.

"You're welcome." Lilly smiled.

Ignoring her comment, Kara wrapped her arms around her and whispered, "Thanks, Lil.  It's amazing!

Lilly could only nod in agreement.  "Well," she finally said.  "Aren't you going to look inside?

Kara carefully lifted the furnished lid.

Inside sat a pile of ribbons.


Little five-year-old Kara stood, clutching her mother's hand.

"Wow, aren't the flowers pretty, Mommy?" Kara marveled at the deep red roses.

"Yes," answered the woman next to her, her mother, Lauren Splotcher. She wore a straw sun hat, a bright yellow dress with daisies on top of it, and a carefree smile on her young face.

All of a sudden, a voice was heard from behind.

"Lauren, you've escaped from the Ribboners for a long time now, but we've got you now," it cackled.

Kara screamed at the creepy, unfamiliar voice. 

Lauren jumped and turned, her expression turning from joyfulness to anger, and then fear.


Kara had never, ever, seen her mother look so afraid.  Turning around, she herself saw whom the voice belonged to.

There, in front of her, stood a stylish woman wearing a clingy red dress with a beautiful, but menace-filled face.

"Mommy?" she whimpered, clutching Lauren's cold hands.

A bright light flashed, and this time it was Lauren who screamed.  A bloodcurdling, fear-stricken, pain-filled scream.

Unexpectedly, thunder boomed and rain started pouring onto them.

Then through all the darkness and confusion, Kara saw colorful ribbons burst from the stranger's hands and wrap around her shocked mother.

And then, both women disappeared into the blackness.

The End

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