Thunaka-a world inhabited by anthropomorphic fennec foxes and covered with mystery. What's a cub to do?


Female cub born to Tora Isabikarza Natha and Hath Isabikarza Natha. Cub healthy. Named Xia Isabikarza Natha.


Female cub born to Karili Isabikarza Toda and Tathor Isabikarza Toda. Cub unhealthy. Named Ditini Isabikarza Toda.


Ditini Isabikarza Toda deceased.

10.3.Kirimay.3503sr (11 years past)

Tora Isabikarza Natha and Hath Isabikarza Natha found in Natha deceased. Murderer named as Karili Isabikarza Toda. Drowned.

The End

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