Kara IVMature

Kara nearly fell off the roof at the drrrng of the bell. The bell always made her jump, never expecting it to come so soon. Shoving her sketchpad back into her bag, she tumbled back through the window, cursing as she rolled onto the floor. 

The maths room was a Year Seven form room, and if she didn't hurry up she'd be trampled on the staircase by a herd of eleven year olds. She hurried down to the first floor corridor, slipping into her form room and seating herself on the end of the row, like she always did. People didn't generally start coming into school until the bell went, but there'd be a few GCSE students already in, revising or finding a teacher, who started arriving half an hour after Kara. Now however, the bell having gone and pupils having rushed inside, it was registration.

"Kara! I've been looking for you everywhere! I was beginning to think -" Christopher called from his locker, to be interrupted by Mr Fletcher stepping into the room.

"Quiet please Mr Hudson. Sit down while I take the register. You can fuss over your girlfriend later."

Christopher flushed and slipped into his seat next to Evie, muttering something along the lines of 'she's not my girlfriend' as he roughly stuffed his books into rucksack. The sniggers from the other boys quietened down as Mr Fletcher took the register.

"Where were you?" Christopher hissed as quietly as he could, when Kara had taken her seat on the other side of him.

"I was on the roof, I-"

"The roof!" Evie squeaked, a little too loudly. Luckily no one heard. Mr Fletcher had finished taking the register and the class had started chatting rather loudly. "What on earth were you doing on the roof?" she demanded.

"I was drawing. I'll show you later." she added, seeing Christopher's interested look.


The End

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