Kara IIIMature

The only onther person in school at the same time as Kara was the caretaker, Harry Fletcher, because part of his job was to  to unlock all the classrooms and check everything was tidy for any visitors. This meant that Kara pretty much had the school to herself.

Having the school to herself gave her a weird sense of freedom. She could stand on the tables and no one would tell her off. She could read the Sixth Form books in the library, go into their section and sit. The school was hers. But when the lights were off it gave an eerie feel. in the dark you didn't know who or what was there. The normal school sounds, the buzz of a flickering light, the drip of a pipe became scary. In the dark Kara felt the need to tiptoe around, not knowing what or who could be lurking in the classrooms. It came with the cliche 'hairs raising on the back of your neck' type of feel. Today, however, Harry was already in and had turned the lights on.

 Opening the window, Kara breathed in the morning air, it's chill spiky in her throat. The window opened onto a red tiled roof that sloped upwards to a ridge and a single chimney and beyond that, the tops of the trees next to the road. She slid onto the table, passing her back through the gaping hole in the wall, and twsited herself through herself. Being careful to leave the window open, she pulled herself onto the ridge, letting her feet hang down the slope towards the gutter on the other side. Pulling out her sketchpad, she began to draw.

The End

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