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Kara Rickshaw lives in the small town of Linton with her dad, Caspar. Between the bullies in school and scournful ex-friends, Kara must make it through the term without breaking down. And it's not just her; Alex, the ring leader, loves to hate Evie - Kara's best friend, and if they find out about Chris... All hell will break lose in her world as she tries to hold every detail together.

A steamy bowl of spaghetti was placed on the table in front of me. A dollop of bolognase fell on top. Maria Howard's bolognase was the best in the whole world as far as Kara was concerned.

'Thank you Mrs Howard!' Kara said through a mouthful of spaghetti.

‘This is delicious!’ Christopher exclaimed, slurping up a strand.

‘You sound surprised?’ Evie teased,

‘Thank you, dear. Now finish up, you have a history project to complete, remember?’

They ate in silence, savouring the glorious buttery spaghetti.

‘Thank you, Mrs Howard!’ Kara said as she placed her empty bowl in the sink and followed Chris into the living room.

‘You’re welcome. Do you want me to bring you some ice cream?’ Mrs Howard called after us.

‘Yes please!’ they chorused.

Seating themselves around the large pile of paper and stationary on the floor, Chris pulled out the pack of coloured writing.

‘Can I write?’

‘Sure.’ Kara pulled out a pale blue sheet of sugar paper.

Mrs Denborough had told the class to each individually, or in groups, make a presentation of some kind on the topic they’d like to study next. 

Evie and Christopher had immediately decided on the Victorians. They had started fantasising about balls, top hats, fancy dresses and the great exhibition. Taking a more of a historian’s point of view, Kara concluded that there was a lot to learn about the Victorian period and agreed with her friends.

The page was to be lain sideways, with a timeline running along the middle, and pictures on the top and bottom. Christopher muttered as he sketched out ‘The Victorians’ in a curly font. The silver letters, outlined in black, stood out from the page in a way only Christopher would know how to make. And the evening went on that way.

The End

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