Kanfi Academy

A magical academy.

I'm on the train now. I still can't belive it. I'm going to Kanfi Academy!!! I remember the day that I got the letter.

Dear Kelly Silverstar,

Congatulations. You have recieved a place in Kanfi Academy. Enclosed with this letter is your train ticket. The train leaves at 2:30 on friday 11th of June. Below is a list of requeirments from your year.


-A Witches guide to herboligy

-A book of posions (Version One)

-Horkose inside out

The rest of your books will be provided.


-A broomstick

-A rat, cat, owl or dog.

We are looking forward to seeing you miss Silverstar.

Yours sincierly,

Headmaster Adolphus.

I have the letter in my bag to remind me where i'm going. Like I would forget!!!!

Kanfi is the best Academy in the Magical World!!!!!!!!

The End

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