So it's Sunday, and I (Taffeta) went to class early (I take special weekend classes in Ancient Literature, Psychoanalysis, and Anthropology, among others).

Today was ancient lit. and I was in one of my cosplay moods, so I dressed as Anaximander, a Greek philosopher. I am his reincarnation, so it was most applicable. My professor, however, thought not.

I was told to go home and change into some more appropriate clothing, but I refused. It was inane, so to say. Silly, perhaps. Anyways, I refused, and we argued for a bit; then I was sent home forcibly.

It was all so foolish I can't even look at myself. I just wish it had been psychoanalysis day.

(lol hi,, this is taffy's big sister kellyy!. uhhm, isn't she rele annoying? likeee;; its seriosly a problem i thinkkk. my family dosent even know what to do with her relee........she just sit's in   her room alllllll dayyyyyy doin noone know's whattt. okai wellll immmmma goooo tlk too my friendz so baiii~!!!!!!!1 oh ps;: we gott a piccc pf her witt her bearedd on ahahhahahhh rotfl it waz so funnii. ttyl)

Kelly, you are an imbecile. I am chagrined to be related to you.

The End

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