There once was a man named Michael Finnegan.

He had whiskers on his chin-again.

They grew out and then grew in again.

Poor old Michael Finnegan-again.

I was playing in the river with Gooseberry Chicken-legs. Others were doing their laundry ahead of us. Suddenly, a shirt drifted down the stream and got caught on Goose's hook-nose and she died.

That's when I met Anin and we started our adventures!

It all began when I was in the park listening to the Flapjack theme song. Anin came up to me and punched my face and stole my iPod. I ran after her and threw a large, flat stone at her head, which made her fall down, and I grabbed my iPod back and laughed.

Anin sat up rubbing her head and looked at the stone. It was directions on where to find the Holy Grail. We decided to find it together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that's going to be described in chapters to come.

The end.

Of this chapter.

Dun dun duuuuun!

The End

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