I win!Mature

The battle begins... 

I rushed up towards her attempting to punch her on her cheek but she countered that attempt grabbing my arm and side kicking me on my jaw forcing me back. I caught myself and flipped back 3 times landing on my feet and appeared behind her out of nowhere grabbing her head and throwing her. 

She slid on the ground and rolled out of the way as I tried drop kicking her as she was in place but she was not. The drop kick I attempted caused a crater to form in the ground. 

"Am I being to hard on you dear?" I questioned. 

"No, its alright." She replied. 

She then let out a slight grin as she raised her hand up into the sky. As she did so ice was forming out of nowhere and that caused me to wonder where she got it from. Im guessing that her power is ice.... 

She formed giant icicles around her and pointed at me causing them to quickly rush towards me. Luckily I was able to dodge those icicles jumping on top of them as I was moving towards her. I attempted to fake stab her by gripping her shirt where her heart was. 

"Stab... I win." I said to her. 

Next thing you know she held me from behind with a knife in her hand and against my neck. 

"Oh really." The confident maid questioned. 

Once I looked back I noticed that it was just my hand trapped in ice. Has she illusionated my mind? 

"Your quite the good one." I said with my hand in my pocket, "But you are forgetting who you are playing with my dear." 

I took out my blade I used to kill Abel and that caused my mark to glow red also growing as it was burning through my clothes causing the ice to melt. 

"I have the power of light and dark." I told her.   

"And I am a wizard." She replied. 

"WHAT!? HOW!?" I said with my jaw dropped. 

She let out a smile. 

The End

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