I don't knowMature

"You don't know?" He questioned, "Why not? Surely you want to do something out of all the things you can do." He places his hand on her shoulder. 

"Shall I give you something to do?" Liliath questioned with a certain smile on her face that is perfect for the devil she is. 

"Excuse me miss." He politely said before walking to Liliath in her throne, "Could you not? Im trying to make a moment. 

"Don't you have a girl to see? And isnt it dinner time for you both?" 

"OH CRAP DINA!" He shouted with his eyes widened. 

Meanwhile back on earth above the grounds she has made a spectacular dinner that seems as if it was made in the heavens by angels. It is all set on the table organized and everything as she sits there with the most straight forward face in anime history. (-_-) that face. 

"If I were you I would go and acompany her." Liliath said messing with her nails. 

"I hate you." 

"I love you too." 

He then walked back over to the maid and placed his hand back on her shoulder. She was till quite scared but she only does this for him because he is her master, and if she doesnt do what he says she will think he will punish her, but Kain does not do that. 

"You shall come with me ok?" He politely stated with a smile that made her blush. 

O...Ok." She replied. 

He took a flap of his wings instantly teleporting to his room. The maid watched as he prepared to open the portal above the grounds. Once he drew a pentegram on the ground with his philosopher stone he stabbed himself in the heart to draw enough blood to fill the pentagram. The maid reached her arm out to him but said nothing and kept watching as the portal opened. He used the stone to heal himself and stood up reaching out his hand to the maid, and once she took his hand he jumped inside dragging her along as the portal closed behind them. It took them 5 minutes to reach above the grounds. 

Once they appeared Dina was holding a broom patting it repeatedly on her open hand with a look on her face. 

"Well, look whose late for dinner." She said with a certain tone of voice. 

"Oh heeeeey Dina! Hows it goin!?" He replied in a high pitched tone of voice, "Watcha doin wit dat broom?" 

"Oh nothing. Just patting it on my hand. About to... whack someone a decade of times." 

"Miss?" He said to the maid, "I order you to hold me as tight as you can." 

"Not only that you didn't come to dinner but... You seem to be with a girl... And you call yourself lonely." 

She then gripped the broom a bit tighter. The maid then spoke to Kain in his mind as he was holding her tightly. 

"Master?" Is this your lover? This mortal?" 

"No. Just a friend.... I think." 

"Why are you scared of a being a thousand times weaker than you?" 

"I don't know. I just am." 

"Uhhhhh LOOK! ITS GOKU!" He yelled pointing to the sky. 

"The hell is a Goku?" She said looking back. 

He then vanished using instant transmission away from the scene. 

The End

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