She runsMature

She continues to run away. I stood there for a moment and got up only so that I can set up an obstacle of rocks causing her to stop and be completely frightened. She tries to run back but there I was behind her walking to her slowly. As I was getting closer to the girl she started to duck down and cry, and that made me feel bad to see her afraid of me in so much of a way. 

"Please... There is no need for your tears" I said as I ducked down to her causing her to flinch harshly. 

After a short moment passed she hesitated to look and she seen me with my hand out as a smile appeared on my face. I am guessing that she never seen me smile before and I assume that she was also in shock to see me being nice, but she still thinks that she is about to go through a great pain from me no doubt. 

"Please do not be afraid. I am not going to hurt you. I am never going to hurt you. I am not that type of person to hurt people for no reason... but my mark tells me otherwise..." 

I lifted up my long sleeve shirt to show her the mark on my arm and that caused her to become surprised to see such of a huge thing. 

"W...What is that?" She questioned. 

"It is my mark." I responded, "You may touch it if you may." 

She was really scared to do so but she slowly felt the mark on my arm with her hand. 

"It feels like... a tattoo..." 

Her eyes then began to widen and she quickly got up repeatedly bowing down to me. 

"Im so sorry for running away master!" She cried a  bit scared, "I am ready for my punish- -" 

The End

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