The maid hugged back?!Mature

The maid was quite afraid and I am guessing that she assumed that if she didnt follow my orders she would suffer, but I wasnt giving out orders. I was giving out comfort. 

She hesitatedly hugged me back in a frightened manner gently and then Liliath let out a side grin. 

"You see? Thats a good little girl." She said. 

"Liliath could you please give us a moment before starting to do what you do which is judging people?" I questioned. 

"Fine. I guess." 

I moved my mouth close to her ear and that made her even more frightened. 

I whispered to her, "It's ok... Im not who you and others think I am. I don't like giving out orders or treating people as if they are my slaves. I am not going to punish you in the future so don't be afraid. I love you all and I would never do that to any of no matter how angry you CAN make me. No matter how much you think I will. Now be a good person aaaaaand do whatever you want..... What you wanna do?" 

I could tell that the made was like what the fuck, knowing that I am the first demon who is thought differently by others. 

She studdered to speak and I released the hug. 

"Would you like to walk around or come with me into the earth? Escape this hell. But I shall warn you. I have someone with me as well and people in the heavens are realizing about my existence above the grounds of earth. And that Im bringing people from hell into this earth. Are you willing to come with me or would you like to walk around and get to know each other better?" 

The End

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