Kain in hellMature

Well this is also the story of Kain and Dina but just with it ALL ABOUT KAIN.
Non canon stuuf you may say. It takes place with Kain in hell.

I walk around the realm of hell and sits next to Liliath in the throne, which is the wife of Lucifer who is trapped in a cage as Jesus gaurds it. 

"You doing alright Kain?" Liliath asked. 

"Yes im quite well. But why must you torture sooo much?" 

"Well thats the punishment of coming to hell I guess." 

"Yea your right." 

"I found that maid for you by the way." She said before snapping her finger bringing the gaurds forth with her in their hands as she struggles in fright to get out and escape. 

"Aw really!? I was looking for you!" 

The female maid then struggled more and more to escape. 

"Miss may you please calm down? I am not going to hurt you." 

Liliath then looked at Kain suspicious. 

He walked down to the girl causing her heart to beat harder and faster each slow step he takes. Once he got close to the adult female she was terribly frightened to the point where she was about to have a heart attack. He kissed her on the cheek  and stepped back opening his arms. 

"Gaurds you may release her." He said with a smile. 

The gaurds released her. 

The End

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