Kain: Queen of love 2Mature

Aphrodite: Jeff. There is no need to get jealous. "walks to Cane and pokes him" 

Cane: "frozen in the thudness of defeat" 

Aphrodite: You really struck him deeply haven't you? 

Avery: Your into creepypastas now? "stretches" I never knew that. 

Aphrodite: I am not INTO him. I just give love to people who wants it. Whoever if brave enough to find me in order to receive my love that is. "kisses Cane on his cheek" 

Cane: "regains conscience" What the hell!? Oh... Hi Goddess of love. 

Aphrodite: Hello to you. 

Cane: Hello Avery. Queen of Love. Nice panties. 

Avery: huh? Oh uh... Thank you. 

Cane: Sooo are we going to go out or what? 

Avery: But your not sing- - 

Aphrodite: "covers her mouth" Ehehe. What she meant to say was that you have a lover which is Dina. 

Cane: ....Where is Dina? I'm quite worried. 

Avery: What do you like in Dina Cane? 

Cane: Beauty. 

Aphrodite: That's it? 

Jeff: He can't explain it more than that. Trust me. I tried. 

Aphrodite: Jeff the killer tried to get two people together? "giggles" How could you? 

Jeff and Cane: 0_0.... 

Aphrodite: What? 

Jeff and Cane: THAT LAUGH! 

Aphrodite: "a giant sweat mark falls from the back of her head" What about it? 


Jeff: NO! "punches him" I NEED IT! 



They shove heads together as a spark formed in the background 

Avery: Does this always happen? 

Aphrodite: They will always keep me company and entertained. 

Avery: Do you ever stop smiling? 

Aphrodite: "still smiling" What are you talking about? 

Avery: That smile. Stop smiling. 

Aphrodite: "still smiling" I don't know the meaning of the word. Could you please explain it to me in a sentence? 

Avery: HEY YOU TWO! 

Jeff and Cane: "freezes in mid battle" 

Avery: "throws them her panties" 

Jeff and Cane started fighting in a big dust ball. 

Avery: "laughs" 

Aphrodite: As you will excuse me, I am going to go locate this Dina. Get to know her better. I already know the perverted Cane which is not a surprisment to me. Ta-ta. "vanishes" 

Avery: Well.... Might as well fuck one of em. Jeff looks creepy but he looks like a rough type. Cane looks pretty and he is also a pervert. So he may take his time with this.... Rough or passionate?..... 

The End

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