Kain: Queen of LoveMature

Aphrodite: "stops painting and sighs" This is really a lot of work. "sees Cane still painting" Do you ever get tired? 

Cain: "painting Dina and Cossette" ...

Aphrodite: Cane! 

Cane: AH! "falls" 

Aphrodite: Do you ever get tired? 

Cane: No...I do not. 

Aphrodite: Oh...Amazing. 

Cane: If you want to take a break we can. I understand that this mirror is beyond huge for no damn reason. 

Aphrodite: ...Thank you... Are you hungry? 

Cane: Hungry? 

Aphrodite: I mean! Do you want to eat? 

Cane: .... 

The time skipped over to them both at a dining table sitting on the opposite sides of each other with empty plates.

Cane: You can really cook. Thank you. 

Aphrodite: I suppose you want to fuck me now? 

Cane: Indeed, but I can't. How could you tell? 

Aphrodite: Every man loves a woman who can cook. And considering that I'm still in my underwear and panties. 

Cane: You know me well already. 

Aphrodite: "chuckles" 

Cane: What you wanna do? 

Aphrodite: I dunno. 

Cane?: Your the Goddess of Love correct? 

Aphrodite: Indeed. 

Cane: So why not snuggle on me? 

Aphrodite: CANE! 


Aphrodite: "sighs" fine... But only this once okay? 

Cane: Why don't you like to snuggle? 

Aphrodite: I do like to snuggle. I am just not in the mood to snuggle. 

Cane: Nevermind then. 

Aphrodite: But I know how it is. You want to snuggle because you find me sexually attractive. 

Cane: Not only that... I just wanna snuggle because it makes me feel warm and your breasts are big enough to be my pillows. 

Aphrodite: Awwww. Im in the mood now. C'mere you freak! "hugs him" 

Cane: "whispers" So...Warm...So...comfortable.....Why....Do I have this urge to...sleep? "yawns" 

A giant rumbling noise occurrs 

Aphrodite: "lets go" What in the!? 

Cane: WHO DARES RUIN MY COMFORT! "turns super saiyan God" i'LL KILL THEM ALL!!!!! 

Jeff appears 

Aphrodite: .....What the? 

Cane: Hello Jeff. -_- 

Jeff: ... Nice hair. Whats up. 

Cane: Long time no see. What are you doing here? 

Jeff: Well I NEEDED someone to hug but YOU are in my way. 

Aphrodite: Goddess of Love. I am the snuggle God. 

Jeff: What are you doing here? 

Cane: Painting. 

Jeff: It doesn't look like your painting to me. It looks like your having your happy go lucky time with the Love Goddess. You lucky piece of shit. 

Cane: I WISH!!! But sadly no. 

Aphrodite: Everyone wants to fuck me today. 

???: "yawns" Mommy whats going on here? 

Cane and Jeff: MOM!!? 

Aphrodite: Hi Avery. 

Cane: ... 

Jeff: ... 

They both rushed to Avery knocking each other down one by one in the process arguing who would get her first 

Jeff: Your not single! 

Cane: "thuds like crazy and freezes" 

Jeff: Hehehe. Works every time. 

The End

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