Kain: Non-canon so script formatMature

Meanwhile as they were painting in their chibi form 

Cane: So Aphrodite? 

Aphrodite: Yes? 

Cane: Say you were Really drunk and we had sex. Then you got pregnant. what would you do? 

Aphrodite: My husband would kill you. But me personally I would take care of the baby. I can't just set it up for abortion. I'm the Goddess of love. 

Cane: Oh...okay. 

Silence went by 

Aphrodite: Hey Cane? 

Cane: Yes? 

Aphrodite: I love you. 

Cane: "falls out nosebleeding" 

Aphrodite: "laughs" I knew you was going to do that. 

Cane: ...Shut....up.

The End

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