Kain: Goddess of love 2Mature

"In order to know what love is I have to show you in an example." I told him

"The Goddess of Love? Teaching me?!" He replied

"No sex" 

"Son of a bitch. Not even a little?" 

"No... Maybe.. I don't know. It depends if your worthy enough. But why not have sex with your lover?" 

"...Because... I cause problems. I cause problems to this planet. That's why I hid myself for alll these years." 

"Oh my." I replied touching her lips with the tip of my closed fingers. 

"And I lived off of porn and now. I am a pervert. A hentai." 

I could see his depression in his eyes, even though to the humans and angels cannot. I don't honestly understand his pain but even I can understand what it is like... What it is like to be lonely... even though I am always around people to entertain me. 

"Cane?" I called out to him placing my hand on his shoulder, "You don't know what love is, and I am to teach you. But do you know what kind of love you are speaking of? Is it romance?" 

"Romance sucks to me." 

That was shocking to me. 

"H...How so?" 

"I just don't know... I understand romance and I can do it but... too cheesy to me." 

"Oh...I could see that... What DO you know about love?" 

"Love is a bond. That is all I know. I am a B classed pervert so- -" 

"Wait." I said cutting him off, "What do you mean B classed?" 

"I am a man who touches girls I find attractive... Like Cossette. But I don't touch them sexually. I just like their body heat. You however. I've never felt so thirsty in my life." 

"What about Dina?" 

"She DID say I can snuggle on her... But the huge obstacle is the apocalypse." 

"...The apocalypse that's about to end." 

I then took his hand and dragged him to this place I like to call Grashia. It is a white room that contained a mirror. A mirror that filled up the entire space of the room. 

"What in the hell?" He questioned in shock and surprisement, "What is this?" 

"The mirror of Grashia. This mirror here... Zues stole it from God because God was about to get rid of ourrrr religion you can say." 

I walked to the mirror. 

"I know you don't understand still so let me say the main thing... this mirror is like a painting. Whatever you paint on the mirror it will show in reality, but the only downside is that you can only use it once. God still forgives us even though he was really mad, so he told us to use it wisely at least." 

"So... This can stop..Everything?" He asked walking to the mirror. 

"Everything but God and Death. Do you want to get rid of this nonsense?" 


"Then lets get to painting." I said taking my clothes off. 

What can I say? I like teasing sometimes. Especially to cute people like him. 

"W..What are you doing?" He asked gazing onto me as I take off my shirt even though I was wearing no t-shirt under it. Im guessing he likes the color white because it's the color of my bra. 

"Stripping silly." 

"In...Front of me?" I questioned with a lewd face. A blush across his face and his eyes squinted. 

"Yes. Now it is time to get painting." 

"But...Where is the paintbrushes?"

"There are no paintbrushes... Only your imagination is the paintbrush." 

"...You know. You should take off your pants so you won't get that dirty too." 

I know he was trying to play me but what the hell. 

"Okay Daddy. You win." I said calling him Daddy to tease him. And it worked. 

We then began to paint on the mirror. It will take days to finish this but truly it would be worth it. 

The End

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