Kain: Goddess of LoveMature

"In the world you are in right now there isn't any love besides the angels trying to defend their brothers and sister. But angels have no emotions, so they don't know what love is. Only a certain amount does." I told Cain as we walked into the royal Garden. 

"I know that already." He replied gripping onto my hand tighter. 

I couldn't bare to see him like this so I gave him a warm hug so he could feel comfort. At least. 

"Is there anything troubling you? Did the kiss kill you?" 

"No. It's not that. Our relationship sucks. It's horrible. Never will it be solid because I was never raised a certain way. My parents were sent away to hell when I was young. I was truly... taught a certain type of love that In can't live without." 

"You must mean true love. Is that correct?" 

He nods as he smudged his face into my chest. 

"Then I will teach you about it. It is not hard. First rule." 

I then picked him up by his head,"I know it is hard. Truly, I know... To take it slow. I know you want to express your feelings to your lover dead on without holding back. But you have to wait." 

"I can't. Let me back in your chest pillows." He replied. 





"Because your not here to fantasize on having sex with a black anime character." 

"But your hot!" 

"That's another thing. You can't just go to a girl if you find her pretty. you have a lover and you are with her." 

"So angels share health by lip contact?" 

"Yes. But stop trying to change the subje- -" 

"And she kissed that thing?" 

"That's my brother." 

"Aphrodite? Why are you black with big boobs and red hair that I find very hot and sexy?" 

"Cain. Im flattered but stop" 

"I shall make you horny." 

"Stop flirting" 

"No. I am horny. I shall not stop." 

"Why don't you have sex with your lover then" 

"Because it's an apocalypse.... Wait!" 

I set him down. 




"We have to make a new planet!" 


"Yea! We'll make a new world! This world is already fucked up! What if we made a world but WITHOUT the fruit of knowledge?" 

"Cain? Sweetie. You need to think. I am not working for God. I am working for Zuess" 

"Please!? I'll fuck the hell out of you!!!" 

"Your not single. That's another thing." 

"Here we go again." 

"Oh. Im sorry, do you not like my advise!?" I replied gripping his head tightly


 "Raping your lover?" 


"She's your lover." 


"So why rape her when you can just ask?" 

"Ohhhhh I never thought of that." 

"This... Is gonna take a while." 

The End

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