Kain 47(Narrators Point of View)Mature

He walks throughout the world of earth not fighting any demons because he doesn't have to. 

He is tired of holding himself back from his demonic instincts. Poor Cane. 

He walks to the edge of the ocean and looks down at the water as it swifts by splashing on his ankles. 

"... I'm sorry Abel. For making you go through all of this nonsense. I'm sorry Cossette for not being able to take these memories anymore and for me not to be with you anymore. I'm sorry Luna, for I have saved your life and met you again at last but only for you to miss me. 

I'm sorry Dina. 

I'm sorry for all of the lies I said upon you. I am sorry for not understanding the concept of love. I am sorry for not wanting for my lover to teach me love when I want it to be a surprise. - -" 

And that's where it hit me. He wants it to be a surprise to her. Me not doing anything about it would not be right at all. 

"I am sorry for not being able to love you the way you want me to... I am sorry for even staying with you. Just to cause you more problems..." 

He then attempted to walk under the waters  to simply drown for eternity but luckily I stopped him. 

I quickly rushed up towards him and took his wrist as he was half way into the water. 

"Please...stop." I said gripping him tighter. 

Once he looked at me and into my eyes with his pentagram pupils he instantly knew who I was. 

"A...Aphrodite?... The Goddess of Love?!" He quietly shouted out of surprisement, "I thought you were just a myth. How can multiple religions exist at once?" 

I replied to him taking him out of the water, "The heaven you know is not the only heaven. Next to your heaven is the Garden of Olympus. I realized about your depression Cane and I am willing to help you." 

He stood in silence still shocked about my approach to him. 

"I am able to teach you love. If you want it to be a surprise to your lover is that correct?" 


"Then I shall teach you the concepts of it all. Yes, it is hard, and you need to be around humans long enough to know, but you don't truly KNOW love do you?" 

He shakes his head looking down. 

"Come with me Cane, and I will teach you how to simply love. How to simply love your lover." 

"...Please do. But no sex..." 

"I'm the Goddess of love. I don't just have sex with random people. I have a lover. Now, come with me to the Garden of Olympus." 

"...As you wish" He told me gripping back into my wrist before we vanished off. 

The End

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