Kain 46(Narrators Pint of View)Mature

Dina was about to kill that demonic creature. Her sword in her hand and her speed she picked up by  a flap of her wings. The demonic lady was quite shocked indeed, but luckily her life was saved. 

She was so close to stabbing her in her chest but Cane appeared in front of the demon and grabbed the tip of Dina's sword. His hand was quite bloody but he did not care as I could see. He gripped onto the sword and yanked it out of her hand and put it in her other hand. 

The demonic creature was a female with green skin and dark green hair that was silky and smooth to the touch. I suppose that Cane knew her, but I am afraid that I don't know how. 

"Cossette? May you please take her somewhere safe?" He requested to her. 

"C..Cane." The green haired lady quietly whispered in shockment of seeing him. 

Cossette then grabbed onto her wrist and they both vanished into thin air. 

"What are you doing Cane!?" Dina cried, "Why did you save someone who tried to kill us both- -" 

"Be quiet." Cane quietly told her. 

He opened his eyes and looked at them both with his pupils as pentegrams and his hair that is black instead of white which caused them both to jump back from him out of fear. 

Angels rushed towards him and it was three of them. 

One angel had red hair and blue eyes which was a male. He wears an armored robe and he has an angel blade that kills demons. Cane is immortal so he is not so easy to kill. 

The second angel had blue hair and blue eyes which was a female. She was an archangel with an angel sword that was truly better than an angel blade. She wears the armor of God. 

The third angel was as well an archangel. This one has one eye green and the other eye yellow as his hair was a spikey blonde. He also carries an angel fighting glove with small spikes that is on his knuckles along with God's armor. 

The blonde haired angel rushed up towards Cane attempting to punch him in the face with his glove on but once he successfully punched him Cane felt nothing but the force did push his face back. Cane then grabbed the shocked angel's wrist and threw him upwards towards the sky. 

Once he did so the red and blue haired angels attempted to rush up towards him. 

A raindrop occurred from the sky and before it was about hit the ground everything was in slow motion. Instead of Cane himself. 

He jumped behind the angels that tried rushing towards him and knocked them on their pressure points. He then threw those two in the air  along with the other angel. He pressed his hand on the ground causing a huge pentagram to form below him.

Blood began to form from that pentagram and the blood was as if it had the mind of Cane. The sharp but liquid blood rushed up and stabbed all of the angels completely and it was about 50 blood stabs throughout them all. 

He raised his hand in the sky and looked at the angels with his pentagram eyes and closed his hand. Doing so made the blood sharpen up and explode the angels from the inside. The angels were in pieces and the blood formed back in the pentagram on the ground as it disappeared. 

The blood splashed on Cane's face and body and he licked his lips. 

Then the rain drop hit the ground as time resumed back to its normal state. 

Cane then vanished out of nowhere afterwards without saying a word to Dina or my brother. 

Curse his jealousy. 

The End

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