Kain 45(Narrator's Point of View)Mature

I would explain how Dina and my brother moved along with their journey but first I shall continue with Cane's issue. 

"...Brother?" Abel told Cane suddenly 

"Yes?" He replied still holding the small adorable angel Cossette. 

"Your lover has just started to approach the apocalypse once more" 

"...And she tells me not to do things stupid." 

They then flew off heading to the portal. 

"By the way," Abel stated, "I realize that you are following  the punishments that she gives you. Why is that?" 

"I dunno. I guess it's because that I'm a quarter of an angel." 

"Yes but you do know that you are still more powerful than her." 

"Yes I know, but still." 

Abel then appeared to have a smile on his face as he replied, " I am quite impressed. Most demons would have been insane killers but you. You have lived longer than most demons but you still have your common sense and humbleness. I am quite impressed indeed." 

"I don't know why. If I haven't met Jeff then I would have been insane over loneliness." 

They have lowered theirselves below the portal and into the earth but only to realize Dina and my brother fighting in combat with the demons. 

"My goodness. Look how much blood she has on her." Cane said placing his hand on his forehead." 

"In order to get rid of this nonsense we have to find the sorce." Abel recommended. 

"Which is?" Cane replied. 

"Multiple things. There are cores here. We must go from the weak to the strong. We don't  want the weaker beings to interrupt us as we are facing against the sorce of it all." 

"Yes, but what about Dina?" 

"...She is giving us great help. We shall go now. We do not have much time." He said before they all flew off with Cane still holding Cossette. 

Dina and my brother was still fighting the other demons. My brother is a man with blue hair and red eyes. A serious one to be in fact. I wouldn't be surprised. He has achieved that from me. 

"They just keep coming nonstop! We can't keep going on like this!" Dina cried out sleighing multiple demons in the process. 

"I understand that it is hard but we must continue on!" My  brother replied, "It will all be over soon! 

The End

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