Kain(Cane) 43: Someone's Point of view(Who is that person?)Mature

Cane only found one energy core throughout the heavens. The energy core allowed him to see a map around that small specific area of heaven, but he still couldn't find his adorable guardian angel Cossette. He wanted her with him so he could hold her in her adorable form to help him not be so... embarrassed of his male needs. 

"...Cossette." He called out thinking out loud, "Where could you possibly be? I need my adorable little angel." 

As he said those words Cossette also heard as she was speaking with Abel which caused her to widen her eyes. Abel then attempted to call out her name trying to catch her attention. 

"Cossette." He called out to her. 

She could not hear him over Cane and she attempted to fly off to try and reach him as quick as she could but Abel grabbed her wrist as she was just getting into the air. 

"Let me go! He needs me!!" Cossette cried out. 

"He does not need you, he wants you." Abel replied to her. 

"Let me go!!! I DON'T CARE!!!" 

"He is going to get spoiled! He would always expect you to come to him when he wants you! You are his guardian angel! You should come when he needs you, not when he wants you! That is not the proper job for a guardian angel!" 


"She then took out her angel blade attempting to cut Abel's wrist but he grabbed her other arm. 

"LET ME GO!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!" 

Energy of her own began to form around her enormously as she started to speak this language of a light mage. She was one of the very few amount (less than a handful) that is such a thing. She formed a layer of light around her body that was so much light that it would burn anything she touched, which caused Abel to let go of her from the burning of his hands. She then vanished out of sight and flew to Cane as fast as she could. Abel looked at her fly off even though he could've caught her in an instance. 

"She really does..." Abel said as he watched her fly off. 

Cane could not sense her energy and he began to grow quite sad. He didn't want to go back to Dina because he was too embarrassed, shy, and afraid to do so. He was human once before so he still contains those emotions. 

Cossette then appeared in front of him and she was also crying. I refer to his actual spelling of his name which is C.A.N.E 

"Cane!" She cried to him giving him a tight hug, "I'm so sorry I couldn't come right away! I'm so sorry!." 

Cane was quite shocked that she was crying and also didn't like it. He hugged her back tightly and replied to her. 

"Don't apologize my little adorable angel daughter. I am here for you, it is alright. You came sooner than I thought. Do you need anything?" 

She was still thinking about what Cane has said to her... Daughter... 

"....No daddy. I'm ok... You needed my help to face Dina once more?" She said looking into his bright shiny eyes. 

"You are correct. I give you a thousand thanks adorable daughter." 

"Your welcome Daddy!" 

Cane then flew off holding her against him so they could see Dina once more... Wherever she could be.

The End

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