Kain 42Mature

So what if I tried to run away because I could not take the embarrassment of wanting those kind of things. I felt.... weird... when she told me that I was allowed to do those things with and/or to her. I felt non-normal standing there in front of her and I did not like it one bit. That is why I decided to run away. 

I began to search for Cossette because with her I don't feel as much of a non-normal person as I do now, but I could not find her or my brother Abel. I know the energy sorces of hell and I have made a map out of those sorces. The energy sorces in heaven have not yet been discovered by me so right now I am lost. Here I am at the skies and I realized that I could not sense Dina's energy so I was successful but I still flew throughout the heavens to find the energy sorces. I didn't feel like fighting the apocalypse. 

The End

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