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"...I know what you saying Abel." I told him getting up with Cossette in my arms, "I know what you saying too, Dina. But here's the thing...." 

"Cossette. Transform now." 

"As you wish." The angel told me before transforming once again to her fox wolf form. 

Dina was the only one who grew shocked about me becoming a full breed angel. I can sense that Abel was the one who assigned her to be my Guardian angel. Who is he in heaven? 

The effect is only active if I TRULY am enjoying the love of Cossette instead of just holding her. 

"I shall reply to your words. Please heed the words of mine... 


Her perspective..... Dina. I truly apologize if you are afraid of me. I never knew that you would get scared if we yelled at each other. I thought that if we would yell at each other it brings care to our... relationship...

Your perspective however.... I will see what I can do to focus about your point of view. I know that I am too focused about my own things because I truly do hate my life and would hate my life forever until I reach heaven... But your life is a thousand times better than mine, and I have to worry about the greater things than the things that aren't so..... 

My apologies. I am becoming too brutal about this. 

Heed my words once more. Forgive me for I am afraid. 

I will try to go by your perspective. I understand how hard it must be for you and I apologize. 

I do love you Dina. You are the very first one who loves me. I hope to be with you forever. My true feelings....." 

I paused too afraid to tell her what I REALLY want. For I do not know what I want myself. Thank God that my guardian angel took my place and kept my words going. 

"What he desires is that he wants romance and affection. He wants to make love to you- -" 

I then vanished out of sight causing her to fall and hid myself. I was too shy to even hear those words. She got up and continued to speak. 

"He's too shy. My apologies. As I was saying he wants to make love to you but not just for sex, but for love. He wants to hold you against him but he simply waits for you to approach him instead. I know it a man's job to approach his lover all the time but he is too shy to bear with it... As you can see. He hasn't received love his entire life but from his parents, who was not around him all of his life because they was sent away from the garden of Eden and into hell for eating the fruit of knowledge. That is the only way of love he knows and he doesn't want to be taught. He wants to learn it himself. Do you need any more information about him?" 

The End

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