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It's been a long time since I cried so hard. I have suicidal actions that I might not be able to get rid of. I thank God for giving me a gaurdian angel with emotions unlike any other angel besides Dina and Abel. She gives me the comfort I need when I have difficult times and I thank her more than anything besides Dina for staying by my side. Although I have stopped crying and still rest upon her I have no words to say for my thoughts speak louder than the cry of Mary when she seen Jesus get crucified before her very eyes. 

"...What do you want WITH Dina?" The beautiful angel questioned me. 

"...Raw love...Raw romance." 

"...Do you know how to love?" 

"...Taking care of someone, fixing food for them, spoiling them, doing things that put you out of your most greatest comfort just to do something for them, Disband your feelings and what you want to make them happy. I can go on." 

"I am your gaurdian angel. I don't mind listening to your speeches. I love them. Even the painful ones." 

"...To me, love is a special bond between two consciences. A soul that mates with another. It is a power that makes this world a better place to be in... I can live perfectly if I could make love to my lover, but she maybe thinks that I just want to have sex... To me sex is supposed to relief both you and your lover when things get hard in life. It is supposed to connect you and your lover if he/she doesn't truly like you mentally all the way. It is supposed to get rid of the stress that you hold in. It helps you just for a moment to forget about why you are angry and or sad in life... Do you know how you feel better once you cry it out? To me that's how sex feels, but literally a million times better." 

"How do you know this?" 

"Because I am a virgin." 



"...What is your zodiac sign?" 

"...I am a virgo." 

Once I said those words she gently released me from her warm mushy chest and I could not hear her heart beat anymore. She then walked in front of me. 

"Fuck you Cossette. You made me cold again. Your mushy breasts are so warm and comfortable. Please hold me again." 

She then let out an adorable laugh and replied, "Men and their minds. Especially yours Cain with a K. Men with their manly ways." 

She then commenced to transform once more but instead of her being older or younger, she was an animal. A fox?... Her shiny whitish blue fur and a wide furred tail that was almost as long as repunsel's hair. Her amazingly beautiful dark blue eyes that shined bright as the stars I gaze upon when I am suicidal. She was a snow tailed fox wolf. 

She walks to me with her four legs and climbs on my lap to lay there. I rest my hand on her soft fur and brushes her gently with my hand. Her fur is still the softest fur I ever felt. The best fur in the universe. 

I hugged the fox wolf against me and I felt more...happy... I felt no darkness within me for a moment. All I felt was love and light. 


That's it


The thing that makes my light stronger is... animals. Comfort from animals. Comfort from my gaurdian. 

I didn't realize what happened until just now when Cossette told me. I was a full breed angel for a moment. Both of my wings were white and it spreaded more than Dina's flexable legs during gym class...


I have made myself horny and that caused Cossette to jump off of me. 

The hug lasted for 3 minutes for she can only hold a form of an animal for that long I believe. Once the transformation ended between her I was back to the half demon I was before. 

And then Dina and my brother Abel has approached the scenario. 

The End

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