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The adorable angel and I kept searching for her but it was too much. I checked everywhere and I still could not find her. I sit myself on a bench not knowing what to do with myself except commit suicide but I can't do that because I can't die. 

The adorable tiny angel climbed up under my arms and looked into my eyes. 

"Please don't cry. It's going to be ok. You can trust me right?" The angel told me with her adorable voice and smile. 

"Of course I can trust you, but is it you that can trust me?" I replied to her hugging her. 

She was small and tiny so I could hug her whole body. I am a tall man. 

"I am your gaurdian angel for a reason Kain. I am to help you in your most hardest of times. God has given me emotions for you Kain. Just for you and nobody else." 

"Emotions...You mean God gave you emotions for me? Just for me? What do you mean?" 

"I mean that I am supposed to understand your pain and be with you forever through your immortal life. Humans can't understand your pain in a way. Not even your lover who just became an angel." 

"I am not sure if she is my lover anymore. She doesn't like me that way. She never has. I call her my lover but she doesn't think the same because she doesn't know me like that." 

"Of course. You are Cain who has changed your first letter to a K. You are a demon and even mortals who has been in hell can't truly understand what demons go through, but I do. You are the first demon so you have lived through the pain longer than anyone has before, which has caused you to have more mental issues than anyone. You are supposed to be beyond insane. But here you are hugging an angel." 


I gave her a kiss on her head and hugged her a bit tightly beginning to cry on her. 

"Kain. May you release me? I have to show you something." The angel told me in a quite voice. 

I released her not wanting to one bit. She jumped off of me and twirled in front of me with her hands behind her back and a bright smile on her face. Light began to form around her thick enough to where I could not see her anymore. Once she appeared to me once more she was...older? 


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"I don't want anyone to think different things." The adorable angel told me. 

"W....What is your name?" 

"My name... Is Cossette. Now may you come with me? I have to show you something. You might not like it, but I rather you know than to find out." She said reaching her arm out to me. 

I took her hand and she brought me up. 

"Like this?" She said placing her index and middle finger on her head and vanishing to another area. 

"...Yes..." I replied to her holding her hand. 

She dragged me next to the edge of as wall and peeked out of it. 

"Shhh." She whispered to me. 

I quietly brought my head out and noticed Dina with this male figure..... 


That's just no ordinary male figure.... 


And they seemed to be... making lip contact.... Finally.... At last... 

"Why the smile on your face?" The angel whispered to me. 

"She can finally be with a better man than I." 


"He....He is my brother..... He is Abel. At last I can see Dina with a better man." 

"Your...not jealous?" The angel questioned. 

"Jealous? I can never be anymore happy in my life." 

The End

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