Kain 34Mature

I have reached the hell gate in a matter of seconds killing thousands of demons that was in my path. Once I walked inside I closed the gate behind me because I knew for a fact that they were following me, and with Dina... 

With Dina I can't do any mistakes or I'll have to suffer from a punishment she will give me if I do something stupid as far as make a mistake, since all of my mistakes are stupid. I'm not quite sure if she actually loves me or just uses me to solve her boredom problems and do what she doesn't feel like doing. I already have to paint the house for eternity because I spent the night with Jane. At least I can spoon on her without her moving away from me because of how hot it gets after a while... 

You all have the right to call her my "side bitch" but I won't call her a "bitch" because she is not one of those at all. I do not "sleep with her" no matter how much I would like to but she is what you all call my "snuggle buddy" when I want to sleep even though I don't need to. Even monsters and mythical creatures become lonely so I keep her company through the night since Dina sleeps until morning and never bothers to comfort me in my most coldest of times. But then again I don't tell her. But then again, I don't have to as well. 

The demons grew angry that I closed the gate before the transition between hell and earth completely processed but I didn't care. I walk through the army of well armored demons as they make their way because they all knew that I could kill them just by looking into their eyes. As I walk forward I notice that the wife of Lucifer, Liliath, was sitting in the throne. Liliath finds me attractive enough to literally pleasure the heavens out of me. 

"Kain. Hello to you." She greeted getting up from the throne and walking down the stairs, "You grow more handsome each time I see you. I will never get tired of your face. Is there any reason why you disturb our transition?" 

She then walked up close to me.

"There are people following me so I closed it behind me so they won't know what im doing." I replied. 

"Which is." 

"Kill these demons first and fuck the hell out of you because I have been in the mood ever since the last 8 chapters." 

"What about your little angel girl you call lover?" 

"I'm waiting for her to approach me but that will probably never happen. I tried approaching her but she had to "sleep". Fucking humans." 

"And your willing to cheat on your lover?" She said feeling on my cold body with her warm hands causing me to shiffle from her warmness. 


"It seems to me that your dark side is crushing your bright side. Your angel side is vanishing. Your wing is already turning black." 

I looked behind me and noticed that my right angel wing was losing its feathers. My feathers was falling off." 

"Join me Kain, and you can have all the pleasure you want." She said leaning in close to me mushing her breasts against me. 

She tempts me to be with her and she suductively brings me forth. What choice do I have? I am more than half of a demon now and Im starting not to care about what happens in my life anymore. 

I stood my ground and replied, "I want love. Not just sex. I want to make love. Not just have sex." 

"Oh believe me. My pleasure is enough love for you." She said before reaching in to give me a kiss on my lips. 

I don't care what happens to me anymore. She can do whatever to me. 

The End

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