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Well of course we won't have ANY time to make love to each other, knowing that the apocalypse started and all. 


Im tired... tired of fighting all the damn time and this apocalypse is not coming to an end. As I fight these demons I watch how they fight along with me. Dina's fighting style is somewhat of a sword master which is odd, because I never seen her hold a sword before. The adorable angel isn't used to swords but still powerful. Instead of using her sword she uses spells and fonic arts to kill a giant group of those demons. She uses her sword to block their attacks as well. 

I didn't feel like killing all these demons wasting my time when all I want to actually do is get married and shit but whatever. Forget it all... 

I rushed up the giant cliff and stood on top of it watching the fight go down before my very eyes. Watching my lover and..... and my child fight these creatures of the underworld. 

I raised my hand up to the sky focusing all the energy I had into this. The power of my light fused with the power of my darkness causing a dark aura to form with light filling the insides of it. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. Give it to my two loves or kill myself with it? It was way too late to save this world and I give up. I've been through an apocalypse before and God destroyed the entire universe to make a new one, but I want this world. Not another one. 

I threw the light and darkness to the battlefield causing every single last demon to die instantly. What did I just do and how did I do it? My thoughts of suicide has made me stronger and I hate it. 

Dina and the angel appeared before me. 

"You can at least give us a warning! And how did you do that?" Dina asked me out of curiosity. 

"I knew you both would get out of the way. I don't know how I did it but it just happened. I just killed an infinate amount of demons with my bare hand. More are approaching and it will never end. Im going to go in the hell gate to stop the core. Close the hell gate you can say." I said before walking off with a smile so they won't think that i'm sad at the moment. 

"I will see you both later my loves. I don't want you to come with me. It is dangerous." 

The End

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