Kain 32Mature

"May you please tell me where you are taking me?" I told the adorable angel who says that she's my gaurdian angel. 

"Do you believe me when I say i'm your gaurdian angel?" She answered me with her adorable high pitched voice completely denying to reply to my question.

I then spoke to her after letting out a sigh thinking what to say, "I find it quite hard to believe that you are stronger than me, since you are an adorable being from above who is small and squeezable to me, but I also don't underestimate you at all. Your appearance is just amazingly innocent and I just want to hug you deeply and cry on your shoulders if you wouldn't mind." 

The small angel held my hand tighter and began to flap her wings to float up the sky bringing me along with her. I was too weak to fly myself because of the loss of the one I love, but why do I think that she doesn't love me as much as I do? She never will love me as much as I do to her. 

"Your lover awaits for you." The angel told me with an angel smile, "I am bringing you to her and she is not far from here." 

Those words made me quite shocked and also quite happy. I gained excitement as I flew up along with the adorable angel as I was still holding her hand. 

"A million thanks!" I cried to the adorable angel. 

She smiled at me and gave me a slight kiss on the cheek before flying off literally as fast as the speed of light causing us to appear at an area where there is a giant cliff with trillions of demons below that cliff. On the top of that cliff was a girl. A girl with two angel swords and the armor of God that every angel has, and it appeared to be...Dina? 

What is she doing on that cliff watching the demons try to crawl up to where she stands? I quickly flew to the cliff along with my adorable angel and walked up to her. 

"Kain...." She told me without moving a muscle still watching the demons, "I knew you would come. That's why I waited for you." 

I walked up to Dina not caring on what she had to say and turned her head close to me kissing her deeply. My tongue wraps around her's as relief of thinking that I lost her. My arms wrap around her body bringing her close to me physically telling her that I will NEVER leave her or let her out of my sight. 

I would die for her if I could but luckily I am immortal so I can take all the pain in the world to keep her safe. Starting with these demons that viciously stands before her. 

The End

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