Kain 29Mature

I...felt something....... I dont know what though... "Kain?" Jeff said as it was as if I was having a heart attack, "Dude." I started to cough out blood. Jeff rushed to me as I was gasping for air on the ground. "WHAT THE HELL MAN! CMON REALLY!? YOUR LIKE, MY ONLY FRIEND!" "Jeff...I am...not going....to die" "Phew.... Dude you ok?" "Y..Yea." I said struggling to get up, Lets go." "Alright." He said following me, "Hey by the way." "Hm?" "Why do you like her?" "Because she is my closest. we live together and Im not depressed when im with her. But im not..." "We,l get her back." He said patting my back. "I...I like her because that she accepts me for who I am. She accepts my insecures and inabilities and still stays with me." "Hey bra. What if she was the queen?" "Oh that will make me the more horny towards her... But I dont want her to." "Wait...DUDE!" "AH!" "YOUR THE DEMON KING!" "Oh yea. I forgot." "What does that make her?" "A Goddess." "The fuck?" "Well I dont wanna be in hell. I wanna be in heaven but im immortal." "Wait a minute..." "Hm?" "Is that Lucifer over there?" I looked " Oh yea it is him holding Dina.... Must be an illusion." "Yea." We kept walking. "You know how hell is." "Yea." "Lets go find Jesus." It took us 3 days to find him. 4 months in earth is a year in heaven and hell. Im time skipping because I dont feel like writing. Im typing this on my nintendo wii. He was really fast on his feet searching for him. He then seen us and rushed to us. "My fellow brothers!" "Hey Jesus." I replied. "You must help me find my brother!" "We was already doing that." Jeff replied. "We shall go together, and search for him." Jesus spoke to us. "Yes indeed. Lets go Jeff." "Yea whatever" We all then vanished off.
The End

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