Kain 28 pt 2Mature

I have gotten the hell gate to open. 

"Are you ready to face the most powerful archangel there is?" I said looking down the gate I made in the room. 

"Why the fuck not?" Jeff replied. 

We both Jumped down the gate landing on the grounds of hell as the portal closed behind us. 

"Its a lot less.... flamy." Jeff said. 

"But a lot more demonic." I replied to him looking around. 

"Do you know where she could be?" 

"I have no clue... Lucifer could be anywhere.... Even at earth as we speak..... Lucifer escaped from under hell and Jesus is after him as we speak. Lucifer has no problem escaping the cell but he does have a problem facing Jesus." 

"So lets find this Jesus." 

"... Do you even believe in religion?" 

"I do now." 

"Lets go to the throne." I said before yanking him and vanishing. 

Im gonna let Dina write this one since I ran out of ideas... no I didn't. I just don't feel like writing. I guess I have to meet the animatronics some other time

The End

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