Kain 28Mature

As I was in the pizzaria I got a phone call from Jeff causing me to pick it up. 


"Dude... You have to come quick. Lucifer has stolen your girl." 


"Dude, im not lying. She was serious. She said she was going back to hell. She never said anything about it being forced upon her will." 

I got up and vanished, appearing next to him and hung up the phone and replied, 

"If Lucifer is out of his cell then that means that... The rapture is approaching." 


"Lucifer can come to earth whenever he wants to just like me. We have to get her back before he's done with her. When he done with her ot only that she will be killed but... The second coming of Jesus will approach. And the world will be at its end." 

I gtg. I'll write more as soon as I can. Don't write a chapter yet Dina

The End

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