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We both walked outside into the dark. 

"What are we gonna do until morning? Since we don't need to sleep." Jeff said  walking around. 

"Im not sure. I know what I would like to do though." 

"Now is not the time to fantasize on sex." 

"Yes, i know." 


"We can fight." 

"Naw, don't wanna." 

"C'mon Jeff." 

"I don't want to get my hands dirty." 

"Wait..... We can go to the pizzaria." 

"Oh yea. It starts in an hour though." 


"Good point. Lets go." He said waling to me. 

We both vanished appearing in the pizza palace. 

I was quite amazed. It wasn't a restaraunt. It was a mansion. The office was upgraded as well... But they did not have any doors." 

"This is the place." Said Jeff, "This is where your gonna be tomorrow night untill 6 am since you know. Don't need to sleep." 

Jeff began to walk around as I followed. We went up the stairs. 

"Now up here is the rooms of the animatronics. Don't open the rooms this late at night." 

"Ok. Why do you work here?" 

"Because Im already dead." 

"Oh, I see." 

We went back downstairs and into the office. 

"Im going back over to your house. See what the hell your precious "lover" is doing." He said before vanishing. 

I took a seat in the office not bothering to check the cameras because I can't die as well and I can also break them all into a million pieces if they try to do anything. 

The End

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