Kain 26Mature

I knew she was going to say that.... 

Should I give her some of my angel grace so that she doesn't need to sleep or eat or use the bathroom ever again?.... But I shall no for it will change her in...ways... Ways that even I wouldn't understand. 

I gently got up from the bed and walked in the living room. As I walked in Jeff was leaning on the wall on the side of the door with his arms crossed and his head down looking at me. He would've opened his eyes but his lenses are not on his eyes so its permanantly open. 

"Must suck for you huh? Was so close but yet so far." He said. 

"You are correct im afraid." I said sitting on the couch. 

"What are you going to do now?" 

".....Lets go see Slender man and the others." 

"You can go on ahead. I don't want to ever go there again." 

"Why not?" 

"Everyone gets on my nerves. Stephan and Jane." 


"Stephan is Slender Man's real name." 

"Oh really? I didn't know that." 

"Most people don't. Im staying here." 

"... As you wish. Im out until the morning." I said before vanishing out of nowhere. 

I then appeared in the forest. I began to walk around sensing someone's energy but who's? 

I turned around and noticed.... Jane... Jane the killer.


She changed her... hair the last time I saw her. But only a little. 


But she was only a child the last time I seen her. 

When I first seen her she was...


She was human.... Until Jeff did her what happened to him. 

"Hello Kain with a C" She said with her usual...smile you can say as she walked to me. 

She grew older and more attractive... But how is that possible if she is a creepypasta? 

"I changed the first letter of my name to a K." 

"Yea. It sounds more cool." 

She then looked down at me. 

"What the hell?" She questioned. 


"Fix your pants." 

I looked down and noticed my arousion from Dina.... 

"Oh no." I said in a low tone of voice. 

Apparently she heard me. 

"Oh no?" She said, "Nothing wrong with a boner. You need to be satisfied you hot freak?" 


She thinks of me as a human being as well. For she can't see, feel, smell, or taste my wings. 

"Well? Aren't you gonna answer?" 

I really wanted the pleasure but...Dina... 

"Im sorry Jane but I have to go." I said before vanishing back into the house, "That was a close call." 

"The hell?" Jeff questioned. 

"I almost fell for it with Jane." 

"She must like you. She hasn't seen you in a while." 

"Im thinking about saying yes and keeping it a secret." I said sitting on the couch. 

"Dude. Fix your damn pants. Why the fuck is your dick that damn big? What you be taking, extendos?" 

"You do know that you don't have to look." 

"Its hard not to! its just there and disgusting! Nobody wanna see that shit... Except hoes and sluts... Like Jane." 

His phone than rang. The call log name on the phone said "A major problem." with a picture of Jane on it. 


"For God's sake." He said before picking up the phone, "Hello?" 

The phone was silent for a moment. 

"Jane stop playing with me!" 

"GO TO SLEEP!" Dina yelled from the bedroom. 

"HEY! THAT'S MY LINE!" Jeff yelled back. 

The phone then hang up. 

"Fucking prick." He said before putting his phone away. 

The End

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