Kain 25Mature

"Im not homeless." He said w3ith a straight face laying on the couch, "I just don't wanna go back to Slender Man's dum.. I rather be here. Now... Go to sleep."

"What?" Dina questioned as she was still on my chest. I've been wantiung this to happen ever since Jesus died on the cross, and I was there whe4n that happened.

"Go...To...sleep." Jeff replied.

"He does that." I said gerntly lifting her up to take he to her bedroom.

Once I took her to the bedoom I gently layed her on the bed, and layed next to her looking into her tired eyes as she was...smiling.

Ive honestly never been so happy in my immortal life. I kissed someone for the very first time and she kissed me back with comfort which was surprising but so damn lovely. I wanted to kiss her again.

I found it lovely for her to speak so low to me and calm with her pretty voice. I brought her in close to me resting her upon my body as I stroked her hair and slightly wrapped my right leg around her left leg, with her beautiful legs and attractive thighs touching me.

"Why..." She whispered.

"Im not sure. Your beautiful eyes and soft lips. Your innocent voice and silky hair. Your... attractive body(won't say sexy) and... sweet...person...ality." I reached my face in close to hers and kissed her once more. That was a mistake... now I want to make love to her....


The End

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