Kain 24Mature

We walked back in the house. 

"We're back." I said as I allowed Jeff to walk in first. 

"Now. What did you two learn?" Dina said sitting on the couch. 

This little girl. How dare she? Treating me like im a pet. 

"-_- Not to look in people's windows as their taking showers." 

"Good boys." 

Jeff and I had this look in our faces. Even though Jeff's wide bloody smile is permanent his eyes still had the look as well as mine. 


I went into the kitchen as Jeff followed. 

"Your following me why?" 

"Because its better than being with that creep you call lover." 

Dina then threw a frying pan at him causing him to fall. He then got back up. 

"She heard you." 

"No shit." He said getting back up. 

"I'll be right back. Can't take it anymore." 

"The hell are you about to do?" 

"I am about to do destiny my friend." I said before walking off into the living room. 

I stood in front of the precious Dina. "Hello royal Goddess." 

"Right in front of me huh?" She replied. 

I honestly didn't care about her mood or anything. I bended down to the girl and reached my face in close to hers and gave her a deep kiss. 

"GET A ROOM!" Jeff yelled from the kitchen. 

It would be nice if someone could join and be Jeff. Nice indeed. Write some of the story in his point of view. 

The End

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