Kain 22Mature

She repeatedly started hitting me with the frying pan causing me to duck down to the floor. 

"JEFF! PROTECT ME!" I cried out. 

"Got it!" He said before rushing towards her. 

As he rushed towards her she put the frying man in front of him causing him to crash into it. 

"And thats for tempting him." 

"You...wasn't...even....there." He said sliding off the frying pan and hitting the ground. 


"Im not done with you." Dina replied with an angel smile and a halo above her head. 

I had no choice but to grab Jeff and vanish outside. 

"My God.... Thanks." He said as I had him by his collar.

 "Jeff the killer?" 


"Can I stay with you for about.... forever?" 

"I don't care. I don't wanna be here anymore anyways." 

"ALL I WANNA DO IS HAVE A FUTURE! AND MAYBE EXTREMELY NASTY SEX!.... BUT I SHALL NOT EAT THE SHIT!" I yelled out just so she could hear me before Jeff and I ran off into the horizon.


The End

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