Kain 21Mature

As she was beginning to take a shower Jeff appeared next to me. 

"Hey. Im back." He said. 

"Your seeing me more often. Why is that?" I replied out of curiosity. 

"Jane got on my nerves. So I came back here." He said sitting down on the couch, "So wheres that girl you wanna fuck?" 

"I don't just want to fuck her you know." 

"You sure about that porn watcher?" He said looking at me. 

"Yes, im sure. Love isn't just about sexual relations." 

"Good. Just making sure you were on point." He said standing back up. 

"Why are you helping me?" 

"Because I need you to take my place at the pizzaria tomorrow night." He said scratching the back of his head, "I got things to do." 

"Like what." 

"None of your business. I'll give you half of the money at the end of the week since your gonna be in friday." 

"I never agreed- -" 

"So where is that girl of your future?" 

"Taking a shower." 

"Ah... You ever feel like..." 


"You know." 

"No I don't" 

"Have you ever seen someone naked before?" 

"Ye- -" 

"In person" 


"Well here's your chance." 


I walked outside as he followed to the window that was next to the house where she was showering. As we were both in our chibi forms our heads peeked up above the window as she was washing herself. 

"Very... attractive indeed." I said. 


The End

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