Kain 17Mature

I walked with Jeff to his destination. 

"You do realized you left her right." 

"Im noticing that we just met not too long ago." 

"Wait What!? Please don't tell me you-" 

"No I didn't." 

"Good. Don't tongue kiss her. Just kiss her passionately." He said walking faster. 

"What?" I walked to his speed. "I have to kiss her?" 

"Do you want to?" 


"How much?" 

".....Beyond alot." 

"You wanna fuck her don't you." 

"Shut up!!!" 

"Typical demon. Look. Don't rush it." 

"But its hard!" I whined. "She's so adorable and beautiful!" 

"Ok ok. Just make her horny or something." 


"I dunno. Im not your father. You gotta figure it out." 

He then vanished taking me to where Dina was. 

"You could've just-" 

"I felt like walking." He said before vanishing. 

The End

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