Kain 16Mature

She then walked off. 

"For Gods sake. JEFF!" 

He then appeared. 

"The fuck do you want?" 

"Do you know how I woke up?" 

He then raised an eyebrow. "Why don't you ask her?" 

"I did and it failed." 

"....My God I don't have time for this." He said with a facepalm, "She kissed you on your damn cheek. There." 

"W-What?" I replied in shock. 

For me to not know that she's done that to me. Because I was too busy communicating with Jesus Christ about Eden. Ive never received a kiss in any type of way before and for me not to feel it has killed me. 

"I sware to God if you cry I will stab you." 

"I wasn't going to cry." I replied to Jeff, "Im just beyond hurt to myself thats all." 

"Kiss her back then. Stick your tongue down her throat" 

"What!? Why!?" 

"Make her feel as if she's yours! Put your hands on her waist and squeeze her ass or something! Make her feel needed!" 

"Does...That work?" 

"Yes. It does! Just don't do the ass grabbing part! You'll do fine! Wrap your tongue around her! I have to go!" He said before vanishing. 

I was then alone.

The End

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