Kain 15Mature

I woke up appearing in a room of mirrors. What in the world happened and how long was I out? 

I heard this clapping sounding like it was coming from all directions which caused me to look at Dina seeing that I she wasn't the one clapping...


Oh yea Jeff. 

"Hey Jeff!" I yelled out through the room. 


"Where are you!?" 

"Did you really wake up forgetting the fact of what the hell just happened?" 

"I don't know what happened! I just woke up all of a sudden!" I said walking around looking for him. 

He then appeared throughout all the mirrors in a sideview. 

I then closed my eyes and began to click and clack my mouth. Doing so I am using my voice to see exactly how large the room is by the sound of my voice bouncing off the walls of the room and circling around the room as well. The mirrors seemed to be all just barely facing each other in a way where it would cause the person on the main mirror to be throughout them all. There are 5 main mirrors in the room and he happens to be in one of those areas. I vanished out of sight appearing next to Jeff then appeared back at my last checkpoint holding him by the collar. 

"....You cheated." He said with a face. (-_-)... "How the hell you even do that?" 

"Don't worry about it." 

"You guys ruined everything." He said jumping down, "Now I gotta go somewhere else." 

He then walked off. 

The End

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