Kain 13Mature

"And you are absolutely right so why do we attempt to try?" I asked holding her hand tighter. 

"Because humans can come up with all types of things using their imagination. Especially since we're in Japan. They know everything." She replied with a smile. 

"You are right yet again" 

We then went inside the mansion after buying the tickets and noticed blood everywhere. It was just corn syrup and ketchup mixed all up to make it look like blood. I could smell it. Apparently as we walked down the mansion that was supposingly "scary" I felt a presence. A presence I've sences before. She was not able to sense the things I sense since i'm the first demon so she was completely unaware. 

"Are you ok?" She said a bit worried. 

"Oh yes. Im perfectly fine. I have never been better. Thanks for spending lovely time with me my precious beautiful darling." I replied to her. 

She unleashed upon her smile of warmth which caused me to blush. She probably has seen it since my face was red from that blush. As we walked about with things jumping out that didn't scare us but made yawn out of boredom a stranger popped up out of nowhere causing her to jump but only slightly from the sudden pop up of something that she never seen before in hell. 

His pale face, and his lenses that was not on his eyes. His face that looked to be cut to a wide bloody smile. It was the man I've seen before who was named "Jeff the Killer to the world of earth, but most people think he is a myth. 

"Sup." Jeff said waving his hand to the side waving. 

"What the hell?!" Dina shouted. Luckily nobody was in this area yet. "Who the hell is that!?" 

"Oh im sorry. Am I scaring you?" He replied with his head tilted with his widened eyes and bloody mouth showing along with his sharp teeth. 

"Hey Jeff. Long time no see." I said to him still holding Dina's hand. 

"What is this? a date? Your dating people now? I never thought I'd see the day." 

"Very funny Jeff." 

"Aren't I hilarious?" 

"We're not dating." She said with a look on her face (-_-) 

I then unleashed upon the most thudiest of thuds that could ever be in anime. 

"Ooooh." Jeff said with a painful look on his face, "You just broke the hell out of him. You better take that back." 


"You killed him. With your evil words." 

"Shut up!" 

"Revive him or something. I think he's dead." 

"Standing up?" 

"Yep. Your a murderer now." 

The End

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