Kain 12Mature

Honestly.... These couples I see are just making me jealous. But then again they probably went through a lot to get that far with their lovers. From love at first sight all the way to love after a friendship. Im just glad I can finally hold someones hand. Ive NEVER held a hand of the opposite sex before so I took great pride into this moment as the line was moving. Im thinking about holding her against me because I sense that her hand is cold to my hand because I was just wearing gloves 5 minutes ago. But I am afraid. Why is that? Why am I afraid to do something so simple but yet it seems so hard to do? All im doing is holding her like my mother Eve has done to me as a child. But I am glad that im afraid of holding someone, because that just lets me know that im getting closer. Closer to a brighter future with both my lover and God. But why do I feel the need to hold her waist or rub her thighs and stroke her hair and.... stare into her bright eyes? This is crazy and that won't probably ever happen because i KNOW that she finds me annoying.... The line has made its way to us and I payed for the ticket (Well she did since she has every last bit of my money. My wallet and credit cards) She sat at the very front as I wanted to sit at the very back..... Son of a bitch.... but oh well. I sat next to her and strapped her on tightly so she wont fall off and die which would make me kill everything and my immortal self. Then I strapped myself on. The employee checked around to be safe and made sure that everyone was strapped on. And then the "roller coaster" (Is that what this is called?) went up the railings slowly and stopped at the top of the hill. "THIS THING JUST BROKE!" I cried. She covered my mouth before I finished my sentence causing the people to laugh behind us "No its not. Just wait a bit ok?" She replied with the soft delicate warm whisper of her innocent voice. It often made me tingle in the inside.
The End

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